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I was already in bed when Bald Eagle came home from work.  As he reached over to kiss me, I could detect a faint smell of coffee on his breath.  To be specific, it smelled like caramel latte.  To be even more precise, it smelled like the caramel latte macaron I had just bought from […]

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun.  It’s been a mixed end-2011/beginning-2012 for me.  Memorable events include a car accident that happened in December which tarnished my no-accident-in-25-years-of-driving record.  The accident made me realise that shit happens no matter how well you think you’ve orchestrated your life.  I rarely nag my husband (although he may […]

The Fabulous Bakers have done it again. Time to sample their wonderful and gorgeous creations this Raya. Who can say no to cakes by JUST HEAVENLY!  Angels in heaven shiver in delight at the very thought of that divine cake sliding through the palate as they play their harps. Malaysians are a giving community but with the festive […]

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Food, for me, is a means to an end and not an end in itself.

Food, for me, represents the love of family, the fellowship of friends, and the community and communality it brings.