sashimi moriBoss Man Malaysia (Boss Man MY), Superbikers SG President (SSP) and I were having drinks at an Italian restaurant at Chijmes when Boss Man Singapore (Boss Man SG) decided to drop by.

SSP had to leave shortly after that and Boss Man MY stepped away to say his goodbyes.

Meanwhile, Boss Man SG looked at me.

“How do you feel about Japanese?”, Boss Man SG asked.

“Like I died and went to heaven”, I replied.

“Okay. You’ll love Sun”, he pointed to the restaurant next door. “Does Boss Man MY like Japanese food?”

“He loves it.” I had just told a lie. I was desperate for Japanese.

Boss Man MY appeared, and Boss Man SG repeated his question to get some assurance.

“My stomach’s a little queasy. Can we try something safer?”, Boss Man MY asked, a pained expression on his face. He was obviously looking for a way to get out of a Japanese dinner.

Boss Man SG didn’t get the hint. “It’s okay. We’ll get you a hearty soup and some warm Sake to make you feel better!”

I could have kissed Boss Man SG’s feet at that point.

cupI was greeted by rows of bottles (mostly Sake) and sake cups, prettily arranged in baskets as I entered Sun. The decor is contemporary, and the structure of the original convent school is maintained thus retaining its high ceilings which makes the place look large. We were directed to a table next to a column covered with a gauze like material which created an illusion of textures as I touched the material.

sakura masu 2 sakura masu

A specialty at this restaurant is the Kamameshi, which is a rice casserole cooked in a stainless steel pot embedded in a wooden frame. The dish is served with the lid on and an hourglass timer placed on top of the pot. The diner is expected to wait until the sand goes down (approximately a minute) before he proceeds to mix the ingredients up (somewhat like a claypot rice meal) and dish it out into the accompanying bowl. Boss Man SG and I both ordered the kamameshi. I had the japanese trout with japanese pepper leaf – Sakura Masu (S$38) (top right) from the seasonal kamameshi menu, while Boss Man SG had the unagi kamameshi (bottom left). The rice, despite being cooked at high heat in the pot, did not stick to the sides. The ingredients and the sauces had also had sufficient time to seep into the rice, thus creating a lovely aroma and flavour to the rice.

unagi kamameshi teriyaki chicken

Boss Man MY, as i had mentioned earlier, was ill, and thus played safe with his order of teriyaki chicken with rice (top right).

When the food came, I looked at him. “May I photograph your food?”

“Certainly. It’s for your blog, isn’t it?”, Boss Man MY guessed correctly, then turned to Boss Man SG. “She has a food blog, you know.”

“Please don’t publicise my blog to all the bosses!”, I exclaimed.

Boss Man MY looked at me, “Well, if the bosses don’t read it, then who does?”


Subsequently, they indulged me and my photography as I shot at various angles and caused the food to get cold while they talked shop.sushi mori

We shared a platter of sushi mori consisting of a delightful selection of sushi….

sashimi mori 2

…and a bowl of sashimi mori served on a bed of crushed ice. I expected nothing less than the freshest sashimi, and I was not disappointed. The sashimi slices were cut thickly, and I was able to savour each bite in my mouth without feeling like it was all being gulped down too fast.desserts2 mochi

By this time, our stomachs were screaming for us to stop eating. Nevertheless, we couldn’t refrain from ordering the mochi from the desserts menu. The mochi was nice and chewy, although I found the savoury sauce accompanying the dish to be an acquired taste (meaning, I don’t like the sauce!). I ended up eating the remaining pieces of mochi without the sauce or the red bean paste that was placed on the side.


Japanese Dining Sun

30, Victoria Street

#02-01 Chijmes Singapore 187996

Tel: 6336 3166