bacon and mushroom quiche by fbb

Our Makan Club has thrived on the diversity of tastes of the various members. And sometimes, looks can be quite deceiving. For instance, it would be wrong to assume that the only person with Indian blood in the Makan Club would have a high tolerance for all things spicy. On the contrary, most of the Makan Club members put me to shame when it comes to eating food with chilli.

The members of the Makan Club consist of people who work at my office. Not because we’re snobs. Far from it. It is merely for the convenience of travelling together to a food destination. So when Smokin’ SOB informed me one day that he would be leaving the firm for “greener pastures” (I am unsure if the pastures are indeed greener, for what could be more joyful than working in our beloved firm? —> Boss Man, please take note of apple polishing), I was unsure what our future as the Makan Club would hold. It was certainly an unprecedented move for the Makan Club. As a founding member, I didn’t want to delete Smokin’ SOB’s name from the list. It would feel so final.

Several farewell parties had been thrown in honour of Smokin’ SOB. One such party was held last weekend…a sort of potluck party (where most of the food was purchased rather than cooked at home! Accountants are busy people too)…and to redeem myself for not cooking, I decided to impress the group with only the best dish. Thankfully, Fatboybakes came to mind; he suggested a very non-halal bacon and mushroom quiche and I immediately agreed. After all, it is virtually impossible to get a good, very non-halal quiche here, and I knew my friends loved very non-halal food. The quiche was amazing! Baked with oodles of chopped bacon and mushrooms in a buttery base, its texture was fluffy and smooth at the same time due to the use of cream rather than milk and it made all the difference in the world. Certainly worth every cent of the RM60 that I paid.

Fatboybakes takes orders, so drop him an email if you ever want to impress your friends. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you passed off his pie or quiche as yours either. Pop it into the oven and let the scent envelope your home. Aaah…better than any room fragrance!

Smokin' SOB

Smokin’ SOB – thank you for being a friend and a confidante. The man at our regular tea stall will miss your taunting. I shall miss my German beer “kaki”, my punching bag, and your car. The office will be quiet without your loud expletives. Okay, that’s a good thing. 🙂 And I shall probably be less drunk without you! Hmmm. Is it me, or does this seem good too? Sigh. There goes the only negative influence in my life.

Call us if you’re ever hungry, dude!