chicken satayWhen in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Looking at the crowd at Restoran Malaysia, I am convinced that Kajang folk eat satay every day of the week.

So this evening, we sat down to partake in an age-old ritual in Kajang.

mutton satay

The restaurant has been operating since 1971. That’s way before I was born *cough*.

And is the satay here any different from other satays in Kajang?



First, the marinade. I ate all the sticks of satay without dipping the satay in peanut sauce. I hear whispers of “she’s mad”. How can a true satay connoisseur not eat satay dipped in peanut sauce? Well, of course she can. She eats satay without peanut sauce when the satay’s good enough on its own.

You see, the flavours are exceptional. I love the sweetish flavour of the marinade on the satay which is enhanced when the meat is slightly charred.

The chicken satay consisted wholly of lean meat. No bits of fat and no chicken skin on the skewers. The only setback with this type of satay is that the meat doesn’t glide off as easily from the skewer. And naturally, lean meat is tougher than fatty meat, so if you have trouble chewing, this may not be the satay for you.

I normally refrain from eating mutton satay because I always have this idea that mutton satay is tough. So when the orders were made, I said I’d eat the obligatory one piece just to be able to give my two cents worth on it.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The mutton satay was sooooo gooooood. The meat was tender and was literally falling off the stick, and the flavour was sweet and spicy and masked the strong smell normally associated with mutton.

peanut sauce with chilli

Despite not dipping any of my satay in the peanut sauce, I’d have to say that the peanut sauce was good, especially when eaten with the sliced cucumber and ketupat (compressed rice dumpling).


Cleanliness isn’t their forte, but if you’re able to look straight ahead instead of down, you’ll be fine. Just don’t step on the cat like I did.

Chicken and beef satay costs RM0.60 a stick, while lamb, mutton, duck and fish satay costs RM0.90 a stick.

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Restoran Malaysia (near Metro Inn)
No. 31, Jalan Semenyih,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.

Tel: 03-8733 1160

Closed Tuesdays.