I thought I’d be able to blog easily while on vacation in London.I was so wrong.

Not having access to the internet has been utter misery, most of all because I am unable to blog. Bald Eagle isn’t complaining, as he is now able to see more of me!

Going to London is like going home. Hearing the words “Mind The Gap” is equivalent to a “Welcome Home” to us. 🙂


As I read The Times this morning, I came across an article on Malaysian cuisine. I read on and spotted my friend, Adly’s name in that article. Adly – you’re famous now! 🙂 It’s a great article, and hopefully, Londoners will be tempted by the wonderful descriptions and gorgeous pictures of Malaysian food and make a trip to Malaysia to sample our diverse cuisine. Sounds like a sales pitch? Well, who wouldn’t be proud of our local cuisine? Malaysian food rocks.


My friend in Norway, Gard Karlsen, has been constantly prodding me to work on a Google Map which shows the location of the eating establishments which I have been blogging about. Well, his nagging has paid off! This is the first version of the A Whiff Of Lemongrass Food Tour. It is not intended to provide directions to the location, but it will be useful if you’re looking for food in a certain area. Details of the restaurant and location can be found when you click on the flag. This map will also be included on the sidebar for easy reference.
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