Game at Anfield, LiverpoolI learnt a new word.

The Kop Sitting at the Kop end of the Anfield stadium, I am moved to tears as I listen to grown men croon all their favourite tunes, surprisingly in harmony, as they wave their scarves in the air. There is a certain camaraderie amongst these hardcore supporters that move me.

And then the game between Liverpool and Spurs starts. Soon after the 12th minute first goal, I hear gradually ascending sounds around me.

“Fockit!”, he mumbles.

Mmmmm. Sounds like some type of British food. Probably in the same genre as Spotted Dick.

“Fockit, lads!!”, his voice is filled with frustration, his expression grim.

Aaah. I blush. A little. This is British expletive at its best. Around me, more murmurs of “fockit” are exclaimed.

To think that Liverpool almost lost that game. They made Spurs look good that day. Fockit.


Thankfully, there was reason to cheer that night. Liverpool scored an equaliser at injury time.

Albert Dock, Liverpool

So we got back, changed into fresh clothes, and headed for stunning Albert Dock which houses Tate Liverpool and several other museums as well as some of the nicest (and most expensive) restaurants in Liverpool.

June Bug cocktailEst Est Est, an Italian restaurant, captured our attention almost immediately. Many of the restaurants along the dock were hardly filled, but we were amazed at how crowded Est Est Est was. We didn’t make any reservations, so they gave us a little device that would blink like an X’mas decoration when a table was ready for us. We spent the half hour wait at the bar enjoying a jug of June bug – a delightful concoction of banana liquor, Midori, Koko Kano, fresh lemon sours mix and pineapple juice.

We had almost finished the jug when our electronic device blinked furiously, and so we tottered off after the waitress who led us to our table. It was still very crowded; half of Liverpool must have been there that night! And the noise would have made a Chinese restaurant here in Malaysia look tame. Such boisterous conversation all around me. I bet it was all that wine that they were consuming. Loud conversations can mean only one thing – that the patrons were happy. And happy patrons equals great food. Or at least, we hoped!

Baked aubergine mushrooms with italian sausages

Feeling somewhat unsteady at this point, I was quite happy to see my starter arrive soon after we gave our order. My gigantic piece of aubergine baked with tomato and mozarella was enough to fill my stomach and my only complaint was that it lacked salt. But that was easily rectified by sprinkling a little salt on it. Bald Eagle’s field mushrooms roasted with italian sausages was a rustic dish that was full of flavour. Certainly a good start to our meal.

pan-fried salmon

The mains took a little longer to arrive, and by this point, I had photographed the olive oil on my table at least 15 times. I didn’t despair, though, when the mains were finally set down before us. My pan-fried organic salmon fillet was cooked to perfection! The flesh was moist and not overly flaky and it went wonderfully with the side dish consisting of mashed potatoes which derived its flavouring from the crushed olives and sundried tomatoes – both tart in flavour and contrasting wonderfully with the bland taste of potatoes. I savoured every mouthful with a sigh of contentment.

braised lamb shoulder

Bald Eagle’s main was equally good. His slow braised lamb shoulder was extremely tender. This dish was served with grilled polenta, braised vegetables and red wine jus.

Est Est Est
Edward Pavillion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AF
Tel: 0870 40 12 125