kolamTo my Hindu readers, Happy Deepavali! The kolam is an apt design to start off the celebration with. It is a design drawn on the floor and filled in with coloured rice powder as a sign of welcome and prosperity.

deepavali lamp

The festival is celebrated with lamps and lights, signifying the victory of good over evil.

Deepavali feast

Deepavali Day is always celebrated with a lot of food cooked by my mother. This year, sis-in-law, Kat, took over some of the responsibilities and passed with flying colours.

Mutton curry
Mutton curry by mum

Penang achar
Penang achar by Kat

mutton peratal
Mutton perattal by mum

fried chicken
Fried chicken by Kat

fruit salad
Fruit salad by Kat

What’s unique is that these two ladies (mum and Kat) do not come from an Indian background. Having married men of Indian/part Indian heritage, they picked up the skills and can now cook a fantastic array of Indian cuisine, some of which are influenced by their Chinese and Nyonya heritage. And this is what being truly Malaysian is all about. I can’t help but salute these two women. (Note: Lyrical Lemongrass’ area of specialty is eating, and not cooking! We all have our strengths. 😛 )

Deepavali cookies and muruku assortment
Deepavali cookies and muruku assortment (muruku, kara muruku, achi muruku, omapodi) by mum and Kat

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