Dear Brendan*,

Thank you for visiting Casbah based on my blog review.   I hope you enjoyed your meal.  Did S mention to you that I was in Penang with him a couple of weeks ago?  We had the loveliest durians while squatting by the side of the road in Teluk Bahang.  Picture a strong breeze filling your lungs with the freshest air imaginable, the dark green leaves of the shady coastal trees dancing in the wind as you inhale not only the salty scent of the sea but the enticing, alluring perfume that can only come from the king of fruits.

The durians were from Balik Pulau, famous for its durian plantations, and we were able to sample quite a number of varieties.   We agreed, Brendan, that the hor lor and kuning halia durians were our favourite based on their bitter sweet taste and firm, creamy texture, while the red-fleshed ang bak, despite being the most expensive at RM30 per kilogram, fell short of expectations, its soft flesh and one dimensional taste doing little to excite us.

Despite that, there is something orgasmic about eating durians…an uplifting of spirits, if you will, Brendan, from the moment the whiff of durian assaults your senses and fills you with stupendous joy.

Understandably, not everyone’s a fan, Brendan, and so we had to stop eating at some point, pile into the cars and burp our way down to the city. What a fabulous adventure!

Best wishes,

L. Lemongrass

*This letter is written, tongue-in-cheek, to Brendan, a blog reader whom I would love to meet one day.


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