Nope. I don’t think I’m quite ready to say goodbye to you.14 years is a long time to know someone. Remember when you were my flatmate and you rushed to the kitchen when you heard my piercing scream? It was my first time cleaning a fish and I didn’t know how slimy it would be, and you took over my chore because I was whimpering.

When I got married, you were not just a bridesmaid to me, but also my friend and my confidante. When I was running late for my wedding, I couldn’t answer the impatient phonecalls from my parents (didn’t they know that the wedding couldn’t take place without the bride?), so you took the mobilephone firmly from my hand because you could see that I was getting hysterical, and calmly answered all subsequent phonecalls.

We’d laugh and gossip and chat everyday over a breakfast of nasi lemak or steamed bread. “Kak, Nescafe ais dua!”, we’d take turns ordering our daily staple. It will feel strange to order just one Nescafe ais.

Pattaya style Garoupa

At your farewell luncheon at Pik Wah Restaurant, we ate quietly, whispering and conspiring, knowing what would be ordered and how it would end because all farewell luncheons were approximately the same. The Pattaya style fish would definitely be on the menu because it was a house specialty.

Suckling Pig

I fretted because the suckling pig was not on the menu. It was served at Smokin’ SOB’s farewell, and I remember its crisp skin and delicious thin slices of meat.

Braised pork trotters

But you had something else that was very good too. The braised pork trotters were delicious, although I know you don’t care much for the layer of fat. The sauce, mopped up by the sweet buns, was a delight to eat.

Pretty Pui China is but a phonecall away. I think I won’t say goodbye to you.

After all, 14 years is a long time to know someone, isn’t it?

Please name your first child after me.

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