Made a green smoothie today using a whole head of broccoli, an avocado and a green kiwifruit.  Topped it off with a cup of low fat unsweetened yoghurt.  I didn’t feel like adding any other liquids to my smoothie today as I wanted something quite slushy, halfway between drinking and eating my vegetables and fruits.  It’s a great alternative to having nasi lemak for breakfast, and it’s pretty tasty too.  Just be sure to rinse the greens well.

Hmmmm.  Been awhile since I had nasi lemak for breakfast….. Time for a binge.  Next week.  Today, I’m a cow. (Call me Moo-na)

For more information on Zespri kiwifruit, check out their website.  The above post is part of the Zespri 14-Day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge.