Diamonds usually do it.ย  But not all the time.

When I want to meet up with my girlfriends, I know exactly where to go. And now, there is a new location for the same delectable, titillating, scrumptious cakes…the same variety that was available in Bangsar more than ten years ago.


The trademark tiramisu, which is more of a tiramisu cake rather than a tiramisu but oh-so-delicious with its fluffy texture and nutty toppings.

steamed chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

The steamed chocolate cake is another old favourite with its dense texture, and paired with the vanilla ice cream, is a classic combination.


They call it a meringue, but it tastes like pavlova to me. The marshmallowy texture, fresh cream and mixed fruits makes this a winner in my books. Plus it doesn’t feel as heavy as the other cakes (I try not to think of the amount of sugar that has gone into this confection) so my mind is a little at ease.ย  False illusions undoubtedly.

bread and butter pudding

And then there is the humble bread and butter pudding, bathed in luxurious custard sauce. An addiction from 10 years ago at Alexis Bangsar, when I was a mere wisp of a girl. You there, stop choking.

ย Service was excellent.

Diamonds?ย  Don’t need them, baby.

(I hope Bald Eagle is not reading this.)

Alexis, The Gardens
Lot F209, First Floor,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2287 2281

We tried some of the mains as well. She had the sarawak laksa while I had the fried kerabu rice. Both were unsatisfactory. The sarawak laksa was substandard and lacking in flavour (whatever happened to the sarawak laksa, a popular order, at the Bangsar establishment?) while the fried rice which I ordered was soggy, a big no-no, and a further disappointment considering we were forking out RM19 for each of the mains.

sarawak laksa

Sarawak Laksa

fried  kerabu rice

Fried kerabu rice