What do you get when you pair a seemingly innocent kid….


…with a sour cream coffee walnut cake?


You get a broken birthday candle….


…..perhaps, a slice of cake too…..


….and a very satisfied customer!

Sour cream coffee walnut cake by Fatboybakes. (He takes orders)
“Seemingly innocent kid” –Β nephew of Lyrical Lemongrass

Rave reviews:
“Fatboybakes’ cakes are getting better and better!!” – father of “seemingly innocent kid”
“Wow! This is an amazing cake!! Not too sweet, and tastes wonderful with coffee!” – grandfather of “seemingly innocent kid”
“I love the crumble topping!” – mother of “seemingly innocent kid”
“Light on the palate. The walnuts/brown sugar/cinnamon combo is fantastic!!” – Lyrical Lemongrass
“Mummy, may I have somemore?” – kid

Not so rave reviews:
“Can I have Fatboybakes’ chocolate cake for Deepavali?” – matriarch of the house