rogue mag, dec 2008

Bald Eagle loves reading. One particular favourite is Rogue, a magazine which he purchases whenever he travels to the Philippines. “I love the articles,” he claims. “They’re very informative.”

I can’t deny that fact, even if they chose to feature Angel Locsin, an actress and model who revealed quite a bit in the December issue.   After all, a magazine that carries an interview with chef Anthony Bourdain has to be wholesome enough to be shared with my grandmother.   Waitaminute.   Did I put Anthony Bourdain and wholesome in the same sentence?

I admit I was amused while reading the interview on the potty (no interruptions, I guarantee).  If you don’t want to click on the above image to read the interview (or THIS), I’ll reproduce his opinion on food bloggers here:

“I don’t think there is any question that they are replacing the traditional food press.  They can, of course, be annoying.   And they’re easy to make fun of.   The food is getting cold and they’re writing notes, asking questions, taking photographs.  That’s excessive.   When you collect food experiences like butterflies, you’re not enjoying it the way it should be.  Eating should be a submissive act, you shouldn’t try to control the experience.”

Hmmm.  People, other than Bourdain, make fun of us?  And I thought they were just being friendly.  Except for that one time when a flurry of smiling waiters surrounded our table, probably because I was holding a big-ass camera, and waited for my next move.  I dropped a knife, and watched them plunge under my table.  Mass cunnilingus.

And for your information, Mr Bourdain, I don’t write notes.  I key it into my mobilephone.  The letters “abc” are missing, though…the key fell off from my Nokia one day, so it now takes twice the time to do it.  As for taking photographs, okay, I’m guilty as charged.  But one day, I’ll need proof that the worm was actually in that salad – how else am I going to get rich?

I wholeheartedly agree with his last two sentences.  Ultimately, eating should be fun.  Not a chore.  Always share experiences like these with people you love, and you’ll never go wrong.  Throw in some alcohol, and it’s a foolproof plan to get laid.


They say it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  Despite loving pink, hearts and hugs, I’m looking forward to enjoying a belated Thaipusam for Thamby Bubbly Brunch (TTBB) with good friends tomorrow.  Beats getting flowers and chocolates any time, any day.  Y’all have a wonderful V-day and say hi to the good saint for me!


Past issues of Rogue can be viewed at our residence.  Tissue not supplied.