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How To Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton (Tip No. 47)

Bite it.

If you taste cake, it’s a fake.

From the LV Stephen Sprouse collection, cake made by Just Heavenly bakers, for fun, of course.  They ate it all up.  Not even a slice left for me.


just heavenly

I am always thrilled when Nigel of Just Heavenly announces that he wants to experiment with something new.  You see, the wonderful thing about being friends with bakers is that I get to be their guinea pig.  It’s an added bonus that the Just Heavenly duo are such warm, exuberant people who light up just about any room they walk into.

At a recent gathering to celebrate the 300th member of the Fatboybakes Fan Club (in honour of another amazing baker), Allan and Nigel brought two special cakes.  One was a pavlova, a favourite, which Allan had perfected.  Soft and marshmallowy on the inside, it was an experiment to demonstrate that the cake would not collapse despite keeping it overnight (without the cream and fruits, of course).  Sure enough, it stood tall.  And this was in spite of the fact that the waiters at the restaurant forgot to refrigerate the cake.

The other was a butter cake.  Not just any ordinary butter cake, but THE most delicious butter cake, aptly called Vanilla Dream.  Nigel was experimenting with a silk butter cream recipe made with creme anglaise, an Italian Meringue and whipped butter.  The cake was not too dense, not too fluffy, moist and absolutely perfect, and the cream….oh my God….it was so silky smooth and buttery.  I kid you not.  Unlike other experiences where only the initial time is the most memorable, this one continues to amaze the senses.  I call this the “happy cake”.  


Easter Cookie

For Easter this year, Just Heavenly came up with their version of the easter cookie. A delicious egg-shaped buttery shortbread biscuit in psychedelic colours.  RM4.90 each.  Fall in love with it the way we did.

(Credits:  Picture of LV bag and shortbread cookies courtesy of Nigel Skelchy)

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