I’ve been tagged by Jason and cookies_cream, where, as the title of this post clearly states, I’m required to list out 5 things you don’t know about me.

Before I start off, I must vehemently state here that I do lead a normal life outside of cyberspace.Almost normal. Other than the 50 fish I killed, accidentally of course, in 1999. There wasn’t enough oxygen in my tank. Duh… Anyway, 5 things, you say?

One. I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, characterised by a compulsion to constantly straighten things. They say that in the 14th and 15th century, people who experienced this syndrome were possessed by the devil. Incidentally, in the early days of ignorance, people who were left-handed were also thought to be satanic. I guess I’ve been dealt a double whammy. Thanks a lot for the genes, mum and dad!! Two. I was first paid for my artwork when I was 14. I am still paid pittance for it. Three. My claim to fame was when I was in the selections for the national women’s chess team and lost to the national chess champion at that time, Audrey Wong, and subsequently I went into depression and my game went downhill from then on. My only consolation is that I met a lot of cute boys in the neighbouring school who were all members of the chess club. Four. I’m a girl who loves receiving flowers but not chocolates. I still have chocolates in my fridge from 2 years ago. No, there are no worms. Five. I cry at funerals, weddings and the movies. The one time I didn’t cry was when I watched The Red Kebaya. How to be moved by a Mat Salleh trying to speak malay?

Well, whaddaya know, I just listed out 5 things! Unfortunately, I can’t tag anyone else coz practically everyone I know has been tagged, so let’s not lose any sleep over this and have a margarita on me (send me the bill) to celebrate my first meme. Cheers!