Note: This post is not related to Malaysian food. Writings on Malaysian food will resume when I am back from my vacation.

I’ve always enjoyed spending Christmas in Los Angeles with family. Christmas eve is spent reverently at church, and on Christmas day, we tear open the pile of gifts lying beneath the Christmas tree. Once we are done with the unwrapping, we end up with two big bags – one with all our gifts, and the other, our contribution to paper recycling.

This year was no different. The family knows that I have an unnatural obsession with snowmen, so I got my usual dosage of snowman gifts. I also received a bunch of iPod accessories for which I’m very thankful!

Christmas lunch consisted of a Malaysian spread of mutton mysore and other accompaniments. There were some non-Malaysians among us, so the Malaysian meal was a treat for them. For me, the meal was certainly comfort food! I admit, I do have a weakness for Malaysian food. The aroma of spices, the waft of belacan and other olfactory imagery get me excited.

There were, of course, the requisite Christmas cookies baked lovingly by Dennis. 🙂

A blessed Christmas to one and all.

Note: This post is not related to Malaysian food. Writings on Malaysian food will resume when I am back from my vacation.

Even when I’m away from home, it’s hard not to get excited about the food I’ve enjoyed abroad. We were introduced to this great restaurant located in SoNo (South Norwalk), Connecticut. We had arrived at close to 9.00pm on a weeknight and the restaurant and bar were packed.

Having eaten all kinds of burgers and hotdogs, we were in the mood for something different. The affable waiter offered us a menu consisting of two pages of a variety of tapas. We were spoilt for choice, but eventually ended up deciding on:

Gambas al Ajilio – sauteed shrimp with garlic and sherry

Chicken chorizo

Ceviche – shrimp, red snapper,calamari, cilantro, peppers, lime juice and tomato

Grilled hangar steak

Albondigas – meatballs in tomato sauce

Porcini – crusted chicken

*Note: My apologies for the photographs! The place had a nice atmosphere, lit by candlelight and fairy lights, and I didn’t want to spoil it with my camera flash. Imagination is a wonderful tool, and I encourage you to use it right now. 🙂

Everything was downed with white wine sangria, the perfect complement to our tapas meal!

The meal was delicious and the company was excellent. Dinner came up to US$100 (with tips) for three.Barcelona Wine Bar
22 Elizabeth Street
SoNo, CT 06854
Ph: 203-9138844
F: 203-2991417

Winter in New York

27 Dec 2006 In: Bits and Pieces: Life, Location: USA, LOCATION: WORLD

Note: This post is not related to Malaysian food. Writings on Malaysian food will resume when I am back from my vacation.

I had packed my bags anticipating a very cold winter. Someone up there sure has a sense of humour; the thick winter jacket which is still stored in my suitcase will not need any drycleaning this year.

New York, despite not having any snowfall so far, is still dressed to the nines for Christmas. If one isn’t in the mood for Christmas yet, a visit to the ice skating rink at the Rockefeller Centre will definitely do the trick.

We spent a day at the Guggenheim Museum. When one has read so much about the Guggenheim, it is only natural to be disappointed to see the exterior covered in scaffolding. Apparently, the structure has been plagued by surface cracks since its opening in 1959, and in 2005, 12 layers of paint were removed to allow for an analysis of the building’s surface. We, nevertheless, plundered along (of course lah…I had never done so much walking in my life) and were relieved to find the interior still in good condition. There was an exhibition on Spanish paintings from El Greco to Picasso featuring the works of Francisco de Goya, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali and of course El Greco and Pablo Picasso. I (I don’t say “we”, because we both have differing opinions on among others, Dali) found my introduction to surrealism particularly enlightening. Cubism, on the other hand, is something I shall leave to the art afficionados to debate. 🙂

Another museum of interest is the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). So you either love it or hate it. I did enjoy the New Photography exhibition especially the works of Barbara Probst. There were also some particularly moving photographs depicting death, or rather, the act of dying e.g. the final moments before the firing squad. And I enjoyed the tiramisu in Cafe 2 in the Museum. 🙂

There is so much energy in Times Square. Street artists at every corner. Wannabe-rappers selling their homerecorded wares. Screaming teenagers wanting to be part of the latest MTV recording. Stretch limos. Roasted chestnuts.

Central Park is bleak and desolate in the winter. But nannies and mothers still stroll in the park, prams in tow. Horse-drawn carriages still make their way through the park. Life does go on like normal.

And of course, the shopping’s great. 🙂

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