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I used to eat porridge only when I was ill. And no matter how good the stuff was, it would taste bland to me because my tastebuds were totally screwed up. So naturally, it didn’t come as a surprise that I was never fond of porridge when I was growing up.The funny thing about being an adult is the contradictions that occur when you compare your life now and when you were 12. I hated brinjals and ladies fingers, and now they are my favourite vegetables. Thosai? I would have rather thrown up. But now, I go out of my way to look for it, perhaps because I don’t live with my parents anymore, and so I don’t get to enjoy the thosai that mum so lovingly makes.

I now eat porridge because I want to, not because I have to. It does bring a sense of comfort to me as I eat it, though.


The teochew porridge at Teochew Porridge Restaurant in SS2, PJ is not outstanding, but it certainly isn’t bad. There is a limited selection of meats, normally braised or cooked in soy sauce, but what I like is the fact that there is a whole section dedicated to different types of vegetable dishes. The selection isn’t varied, but I was happy with the dishes that we picked.


The consistency of the porridge was just right. Teochew porridge is normally a little watery and the grains are recognisable and not completely mushed up. Eaten alone, it is certainly bland, which is why the various dishes, salted and spiced, are perfect complements to the porridge.


The meal was good value at RM13 (approximately US$3.50) for two persons.

Restaurant Teo Chew Porridge

Jalan SS 2/24 (Next to Korea House)

Petaling Jaya.