The Last Polka

Here’s some useless trivia.  Bald Eagle used to develop and sell ice cream and I was his guinea pig.  Thankfully, I’ve lived to tell my tale.   It was a looooong time ago, but he still proclaims to be a connoisseur of sorts.   I’m not one to dispute that, seeing that I’m married to him and all, but I do think that my loyalty to him (and his excellent taste) is not totally misplaced.   As a result of his history in the ice cream business and his affinity to this creamy concoction, it is not surprising that we frequently end our meal at home with a scoop or two of good ice cream or gelato.

Here’s some more useless trivia.   I do some of my best thinking in the toilet.   There’s sufficient literature in my toilet to ensure that my time is not wasted, and the materials range from cookbooks (yes, really) to magazines.   So during one of my inspired moments, I was reading KLue, and voila, an article on The Last Polka stared me in the face.   Women, I must insist, are excellent at multitasking and compartmentalising, so I had no qualms drooling over its description while depositing my own…err…confectionary.

I had to make contact.

And thus began my relationship with the ladies behind The Last Polka, with SMSes on random meeting places and hints of thong appreciation. May Yee and Ee Vee’s business is an online one and their ice cream can be picked up from various pre-determined locations around KL.  I’d get texts from Ee Vee saying – meet me at J&R at 10.00am – seemingly covert in nature, but with such precious goods, one cannot be too careful.

The Last Polka‘s strength lies, not in the marketing aspect of its products, but in its contents.   Its simple spiel is this: “If you’re looking for great tasting homemade ice cream in Kuala Lumpur, you’ve come to the right place. Made with 100% natural ingredients, we combine our creamy French-style ice cream with the regional Asian flavours we love.” The ice cream is free of preservatives, and thus has a shorter life span.  The texture is creamy with little air.   I’d stake my reputation on the Horlicks ice cream, the most addictive wonderful tasting drool-worthy ice cream in the world and currently my favourite flavour in The Last Polka‘s limited range of offerings.   There is also Malt and Peanut Butter which is great if you prefer something less intense in flavour.   The Mango ice cream is the current best seller, and they also have White Coffee, Green Tea and Black Sesame.

The ice cream retails at RM23 for a 500ml tub and RM35 for a 800ml tub.   To make your order, hop over to The Last Polka.  Don’t forget to bring a freezer bag/box when you eventually pick up the goods as the ice cream tends to melt easily.

The Last Polka