When I was growing up in Klang, Bukit Tinggi didn’t even exist.   Now, it’s a bustling hub with several major hypermarket stores and eateries that have established a name for themselves within the Klang community.   My parents moved to Bukit Tinggi this year after an increase in the crime rate in their previous neighbourhood.  Their preoccupation with locking every door in their last home was testament to their fear.   Their fears have been alleviated since moving to a gated community, but what little comfort that brings, knowing that the problem has not been dealt with at the source.   The senseless attacking of people has not been curbed; only a couple of years ago, my father-in-law was attacked in his home by a drug addict wielding a parang.   Thankfully, he had the strength to shield himself, but how many more people have not been as fortunate?

One of the eateries in Bukit Tinggi which the family frequently visits is Restoran Whatt Kee.   I can see what pleases them about this place.   When cleanliness is almost non-existent among kopitiams in Malaysia, this one glimmers like a diamond, the tabletops and floors bearing no debris or mold.

We particularly like the roast duck at Restoran Whatt Kee.   Served with either noodles or rice, the roast duck has a glistening skin which unfortunately isn’t crisp (the crispness is usually attained by bathing the duck in hot oil before serving), but the flesh is tender, plump and flavourful and is less salty compared to that found in other eateries.   The herbal dipping sauce is also very good.  I found the char siew and siu yoke nice, but not spectacular.   The char siew was firm (not overly hard), but without much of the tender melting quality that I appreciate in a good char siew.  The siew pak choy, blanched and served with a garlic sauce, was delicious.

Restoran Whatt Kee
29, Jalan Batu Nilam 1,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi,
41200 Klang

Tel: 012-238 1728 (Yong Sze Whatt)