Who would have thought that after travelling the world so extensively, we would be able to sample a little bit of Paris at the corner of what used to be called Birch Road, now renamed (like everything else in Malaysia) after his nemesis, Maharajalela. Locating the restaurant is not that easy. Hint: Look for the shop at the end of the road with the black facade, reminiscent of a dark worshipper’s temple.


The restaurant is a paradox of looks, both opulent and rustic at the same time.

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Chandeliers suspended from the high ceilings, crystals reflecting the sparse lighting seemingly floating in mid-air, a curtain of glass beads providing bare privacy, melting candles and gargantuan flower arrangements greeted us, while a wisp of light forged the way to our seats beside huge windows covered by dark, heavy curtains.


Dinner consisted of escargots, foie gras, mushroom soup, duck confit and wagyu beef cheek. My baked escargots in a lovely buttery garlic sauce was exquisite; the soup was a fresh, albeit light mushroom soup with a strong peppery taste; and the duck confit was well-browned and crisp on the outside, while the meat was gelatinous, tender and bursting with flavour due to the several hours of cooking in fat. The wagyu beef cheek, on the other hand, was tender and buttery.


Desserts were lovely. My tiramisu with its creamy mascarpone cheese came doused in french brandy and was utterly decadent. Bald Eagle had a rich chocolate cake filled with peanut butter and it came served with a skinny candle pierced into it, burning merrily away as I softly sang him a birthday song.


Café Café

175, Jalan Maharajalela 50150 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2141 8141

For map: http://www.cafecafekl.com/