“What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?” Toygirl recently asked me.

“What do you mean by perfect?” I asked her.   “Do you mean something achievable, or do you mean my dream weekend?”   As this juncture, the idea of sitting by the beach with a book and a cocktail and a tanned masseur kneading my knotted muscles seemed highly desirable.

“Something achievable.   Something you can do on a normal weekend,” she replied.

“Oh,” I was brought back to reality.   “I suppose it would be spending time with my husband,” I said, matter-of-factly.

We were at a brunch party with close friends, and the wafting smell of a batch of freshly cooked pancakes tickled our noses.  Laughter abounded.


Black Velvet
Brunch collage

“Actually,” I added, “this is an example of a perfect weekend for me.”

She smiled, because I think she felt the same way.


And after all that food and wine, 8 hours later, nothing beats a satisfying meal of hokkien mee and fried chicken.  Call me weird, but I prefer tar-pau‘d hokkien mee.  The braised glistening dark noodles would have had ample time to absorb all the sauces leaving a reasonably dry, slippery dish that is smoky and fragrant with the smell of pork and lard.  And fried chicken with crispy skin that crackles under the molars, and flesh so tender it literally falls off the bone – it’s the perfect companion.

hokkien mee
Hokkien mee

hokkien bee hoon
Hokkien bee hoon

222 fried chicken
Fried chicken

Kedai Minuman dan Makanan Ah Fatt
42, Jalan 14/48 (near the 222 Shell station)
Petaling Jaya

(Note: Thank you, FBB for yet another wonderful party)