I was reading Aly’s blog about her ever changing tastebuds, and that got me thinking of my own quirkiness when it comes to food.  I’m glad that I’ve never been pressured to conform.  I always have packets of instant noodles stashed away in my kitchen for days when I crave simplicity, and like I confessed to Aly on her blog, when I am at the cinema, I love eating Twisties BBQ flavour mixed with a fistful of Bald Eagle’s caramel popcorn (when he isn’t looking).  Ah the joys of junkfood!  I’m far from a morning person and spend just forty minutes getting ready for work before I zoom off in my car.  As a result, breakfast is always eaten in the car.  I know that there are more practical ways of doing this (like making my own healthy sandwiches), but I have made it a habit to stop by at the neighbourhood store to grab a cold can of Nescafe and a Gardenia bun, both of which I enjoy on the 35 minute journey to work while listening to Hitz fm.  There are two little ladies who sweep the road outside the neighbourhood store.  These ladies are drawn to my car the way Fatboybakes is drawn to whisky.  The second I park my car, I find their brooms near my tyres and under the carriage, sweep-sweep-sweeping the dry leaves away like busy little ants.  They are always oblivious to the droning of my engine, concentrating on the task at hand, almost like they have been indoctrinated with the road-sweeping idealogy. Mother Nature’s little helpers. *smile*

As much as I enjoy the simple things in life, I also enjoy the little luxuries that I manage to slip into my daily work life.  Like long Friday lunches.  When Cilantro announced that the restaurant was open for lunch on Fridays, Chanting Chewbacca and I could talk of nothing else.  The lunch menu changes weekly with a four or five course menu at RM150 nett per person (inclusive of a glass of Kir Royale).  Best of all, if you’re in the mood for a long leisurely lunch, bring your own bottle(s) of wine because no corkage is charged.  The meal is substantial, so wear loose clothes. For us, dinners at Cilantro are reserved for special occasions as it can cost more than RM300 per head; lunches are just as satisfying with no deterioration in the quality of ingredients.  The foie gras is still seared to perfection in true Takashi Kimura style and the food continues to excite.

It’s Friday.  I have an hour to decide if I want to go to Cilantro.  Today’s menu is:
Hokkaido Sea Urchin with Artichoke Veloute
Kumamoto Oyster with Ginger Vinaigrette
Open Ravioli of Porcini with Egg Mollet and Shaved Summer Truffle
Pan Fried Turbot Fillet with Baby Squid and Capsicum
Two Way Preparations of Wagyu Beef
Kyoho Grape with Vanilla Ice Cream and Granite
Coffee or Tea

Decisions.  Decisions.

Cilantro (website HERE)
MiCasa All Suite Hotel
368B, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2179 8082

Poached Lobster a la Minute with Kyuri and Avruga

Pappardelle Pasta with Crispy Duck and Foie Gras

Slow Roasted Grain Fed Lamb with Dauphinoise Potato and Summer Truffle

Warm Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream