At a six2twelve event at Nadayu

Peak hour traffic has been a lot more bearable these days thanks to the recent law to prevent heavy vehicles from plying the road at specific hours.  We have been trained to seek comfort in instant gratification and I’d like to propose the following to the kerajaan for a more congestion free drive:-

1.  Impose a minimum speed limit, so that we can outlaw cars going below 80 km/h on the highways.  The slow lane will no longer be a slow lane.  Fast and furrriooous.

2.  Outlaw buses as well, because they’re heavy and slow and make too many stops.  Also, when one bus driver sees another, he will insist on driving parallel with the other bus driver to exchange notes across the lanes, like how many packets of nasi lemak he ate for breakfast, and who his favourite singer on Akademi Fantasia is.

3.  Motorcycles below 500cc should be banned because they always appear (or in this case, disappear) in the blind spot.  Motorcycles above 500cc are only allowed if the rider is hot and under 40.

4.  Cars with registration plates beginning with the letter W will only be allowed on the highways on Wednesdays and Weekends.  And Wesak Day.

With such measures in place, the authorities can pat themselves on their backs for yet another job well done.  It will not be necessary for them to explore the root of the problem (if any).

la risata
La Risata (photo courtesy of Way Cheng)

La Risata
Party At La Risata (photos courtesy of Alex Tan)

Last weekend was a little fast and furrriooous for me too, and my ageing body has been protesting since.   I reckon a lot of establishments are trying to get their outlets ready before Ramadan, and so places like Doubletree by Hilton has made its debut with the usual pomp and circumstance, but unfortunately not all the restaurants are ready.  Our visit there last Friday was to some disappointment as we had expected to dine at Tosca, the Italian restaurant at Doubletree, but ended up dining at Makan Kitchen, a buffet serving Malay, Chinese, Indian, Nyonya and Iban cuisine because the Italian restaurant wasn’t open yet.  More about the food at Makan Kitchen in another post.

At Daikanyama’s 1st Year Party

Saturday evening saw us attending three events, the first of which was a six2twelve event showcasing the collaboration of three groups, Aubergine, Fluid Alchemy and Nook Flowers.  Again, more in another post.  The second was the re-launch of La Risata at Ampang after its recent renovation and revamp of menu.  All I can say is, the place looks pretty sexy now.   But then again, that could be attributed to the many masked guests who were present to celebrate its reopening.  I can’t wait to try La Risata’s full menu soon.  Our final pit stop on Saturday was at one of our favourite restaurants along Changkat Bukit Bintang, Daikanyama, where we were happy to celebrate their first year anniversary with them.  The owners were generous with their sake and food, and despite stuffing our faces at the earlier events, we still had room for Daika.  We’ll always have room for Daika.  Corny, but true.

The cold station at Prego

I was recently invited to Prego to sample the Sunday Bubbly Brunch (thanks Marian Eu and Westin KL for your kind invitation).  I’m going to lay my cards on the table first.  For a long time, I had not been much of a fan of Prego thanks to a couple of unsatisfactory meals there, and as a result of that, I had stayed away from it like the plague.  It was thanks to a dinner there earlier this year with a certain prolific blogger (who practically dragged me by the hair and forced me to dine at Prego) that I learnt that perhaps I had been a little too harsh in judging this restaurant.


Chef David King

Prego’s charm lies in its personable service.  And the fact that when someone drops something, all the wait staff whoop and clap in joyous exuberance (they’re closet actors…all of them).

My cup runneth over
G.H.Mumm champagne

The best thing about Prego’s Sunday Bubbly Brunch is its Bubbly.  For RM268++ per person, one gets to enjoy free flow food and champagne, to be specific, G.H.Mumm bubbly.  For those who are not so inclined, there is also Smirnoff Vodka, SKYY Vodka, Grey Goose and Italian Prosecco – Prosecco Batasiolo Cascine 7.


The cold station offers coffin bay oysters, spring bay black mussels and tiger prawns on ice, while salmon lovers can pick from a selection of rosemary smoked salmon, bake breaded salmon, steam pickled salmon and honey cured salmon.  Aside from the extensive display of salads (my favourite being the marinated artichoke salad), they also serve a bounty of beautiful imported Italian cheeses including tallegio, gorgonzola, asiago, aged parmesan, fontina, pecorino, smoked scarmoza…gasp…you get the idea.


Like any idyllic bubbly buffet, if you’re unable to stand up due to the copious amount of alcohol which you would have undoubtedly imbibed, fear not because the servers come to you with freshly cooked wood fired pizza (sottobosco, quattro formaggi, margherita, pizzicosa…), pastas (penne, fusili, oriechette…) in various types of sauces (alfredo, napoletana, puttanesca…), risotto (delicious mushroom risotto and four cheeses risotto), meat and seafood.  Of special mention should be the red wine braised wagyu beef cheek, succulent and tender, and flavourful lamb shank.


The barbeque station located outside displays a spiced marinated whole lamb on spit, octopus, flower crab and other meats and seafood.


Desserts include cakes and tarts and their trademark chocolate souffle (made to order), served with a scoop of malt ice cream.


And when you’re done, just ask for some more.

Prego collage

Prego’s Sunday Bubbly Brunch is available every Sunday from 11.30am to 2.30pm, serving food and free flow of bubbly champagne, Italianesque cocktails, wines, house pouring spirits and beer at RM268++ per person. (Enjoy 20% discount off on selected alcoholic beverages from 2.30pm to 4.30pm if you extend your brunch.) For a non-alcoholic brunch experience, the price is RM168++ per person and RM84++ for children aged 4 – 12 years old. For reservations, please contact Westin Dining at 03-27738338 or log on to for more information.