Bisou Bisou BisouIt promised to be a beautiful morning.

It was the kind of morning where it wasn’t too hot and the skies were contemplating whether or not to shed tears, and to complete the picture, I had found a parking spot right in front of Bisou. For Bald Eagle, the icing on the cake was Liverpool’s win over Aston Villa less than 12 hours earlier. 😀

big breakfast

Bisou Big Breakfast banana  muffin Hot chocolate banana muffin

We both had the Big Breakfast. At RM16(US$4.70), it came with 2 thick cut slices of toast, baked beans, a chicken sausage and two eggs (cooked to your liking). The chicken sausage wasn’t the run o’ the mill sausage sold in supermarket freezers in packs of 10 (and believe me, I have come across some, sold at premium prices, at restaurants); the herbs complemented the mild chicken flavour giving it a very pleasant bite. The sauteed mushrooms were exquisite – full of flavour although it was a little on the oily side. I thought the scrambled eggs were a little overcooked. I prefer my scrambled eggs slightly runny. But then again, it boils down to personal preference.

For an extra RM2 (US$0.60), we got a banana muffin. By this time, I was too full to enjoy anything else. I took one bite and passed the rest to Bald Eagle (who thankfully has a bottomless pit for a stomach and a high metabolic rate to burn the added calories quickly!).

Carrot cake Bisou Breads Bisou

Cupcakes Lemon Polenta Cupcakes galore!

Bisou Pies Bisou Sourfruit crumble

CupcakesI didn’t get to try the gorgeous looking cupcakes as I was too stuffed by this time. I did try the lemon polenta though (2nd row, centre pic), when I spent a perfect Saturday afternoon the day before at Nigel & Allan’s office being fed by the duo on noodles and the most delicious tempe (fermented soybeans), and Just Heavenly Pleasures’ extremely addictive sticky date pudding and Bisou’s lemon polenta cake. (This reminds me of the story of Hansel & Gretel where the evil witch fattened up children only to eat them up, but I’m quite sure that I am not their flavour of the month. 😉 The delectable Kenny Mah, who was also also hanging out with us, would have made a better dish.)

So…back to the lemon polenta. I loved the texture of the cake. It was sufficiently moist, yet not dripping in sauce, a little grainy due to the polenta (ground cornmeal) but the flavour of the rosemary sauce (drizzled on the surface of the cake) didn’t come through. It was, nevertheless, a lovely cake and I enjoyed every bite of it.

BisouBisou started operations on 20 July 2007 (same owners as Bijou and Bianco) and it has become progressively more popular as the office crowd seeks out new places to eat. It has just introduced some new items on its lunch menu, including baked eggplant, shepherd’s pie and bangers & mash.

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