Wake up early on a Saturday morning and tell him you’re going off for breakfast at Hong Kee Tim Sum Restaurant with Precious Pea, Allan Yap, Fatboybakes, Jackson, Teckiee and Kenny Mah….but without him.2.
Tell him that he has to take care of the weekend housecleaner/maid while you’re having fun with your blogger friends.

Tell him that Fatboybakes brought delicious durian cheesecake for the breakfast group, and that there were a few extra pieces, but because you had stuff to do after breakfast and weren’t able to go home immediately, you didn’t pack any for him.

Durian cheesecake by FBB

Pack two packets of Sang Chau Loh Mai Fan (fried glutinous rice) from Hong Kee Tim Sum as a peace offering for him, but spend too much time at the hair salon after breakfast. As a result, you can’t go home on time to deliver the rather cold Sang Chau Loh Mai Fan to your ravenous husband.

Well, the hair salon isn’t the only excuse. With fifteen minutes to spare between the hair salon and the next facial appointment, you squeeze in enough time to grab a quick lunch with Kenny Mah, but not enough time to send home the very cold packets of Sang Chau Loh Mai Fan.

After the facial, you pop by at Just Heavenly to chitchat with the very yummy Allan Yap while he works on two GORGEOUS wedding cakes. The two packets of Sang Chau Loh Mai Fan are no longer cold, but change temperature to boiling point in the afternoon heat in the car while you spend a good hour and a half in Allan’s very nice-smelling kitchen.

Just Heavenly wedding cake

On the way home at 5.45pm, you get hunger pangs and call your husband, asking him if he’ll let you eat one packet of Sang Chau Loh Mai Fan.

After feeding hubby with the remaining packet of Sang Chau Loh Mai Fan (considered a very late lunch) at 6.30pm, you tell him that you want to take a short nap because you’re exhausted. You promise to cook him a nice dinner when you wake up in an hour. You end up waking up at 7.00am the next day, on time for church.


Treat him to a VERY EXPENSIVE BRUNCH at Jarrod & Rawlins in Damansara Heights. All of RM76.48 to be precise. DO NOT whine. DO NOT complain. Look HAPPY. And tell him how lucky you are to have a wonderful husband like him.


The soulful strains of Nat King Cole welcomed us as we stepped foot into Jarrod & Rawlins this morning. I was hungry, having slept through dinner last night, and he just wanted an expensive breakfast from me. Jarrod & Rawlins satisfied both our needs.

At Jarrod & Rawlins At Jarrod & Rawlins At Jarrod & Rawlins Bald Eagle

We were both ambitious. I was hungry, so I chose the J & R’s Special Fried Breakfast set consisting of two eggs, two sausage, bacon, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, fried bread, coffee and juice. All for RM34 (US$10) before taxes.

Fried Breakfast

He chose the same breakfast because it was the most expensive.

grilled tomatoes Fried bread Pork bangers Coffee and juice

The eggs, cooked sunny side up, were delicious. The yolks were slightly runny, just the way I like them. The pork bangers were great; the flavours of the minced pork and the seasoning were lovely and they were lightly grilled to allow the bangers to be sufficiently juicy. They can also be purchased at the counter at RM4.50 per 100gms. Similarly, the bacon was also grilled lightly to ensure that the meat was not overly dry. Sadly, the sliced mushrooms were sauteed in too much oil, and I spent quite a bit of time squeezing the oil out. I enjoyed eating the fried bread – such a simple thing, but fried so evenly, soaking in a bit of oil but still retaining it crispness.

Bald Eagle wolfed down everything. Unfortunately, I was overambitious and should have stuck to the normal Fried Breakfast menu (priced at RM28). I struggled to finish my breakfast and felt like the sausages and fried bread and sauteed mushrooms and all the excess oil were oozing out through my pores and nose and ears.

Jarrod & Rawlins
No. 6, Lorong Dungun
Damansara Heights, 50480 KL

Tel: 03-2093 0708

Also at:
No. 36 (Grd floor), Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL

Tel: 03-2300 0708


Bald Eagle is going to be pleasantly surprised when he sees what’s waiting for him when he comes home tonight after the Liverpool-Chelsea match. Delicious vanilla and chocolate cupcakes by Boo_licious!! (Although I’ve already eaten half of them…yummy…thanks, Boo!! And congratulations on achieving 1 million hits!)

Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes by Boolicious Yummy cupcakes by Boolicious

Yep, I think I’ve redeemed myself!! *wide grin*