Ma MaisonMa MaisonOur French friend, Olivier, loves the food at Ma Maison and frequents the restaurant quite often with his wife. We’re not surprised, actually. For a restaurant that has been operating since 1995, it has certainly sustained well and is still drawing in the crowds. And why not? All the key ingredients are there. Bald Eagle and I like this restaurant for several reasons.Firstly, the service is excellent. Walking into the restaurant, one is greeted like an old friend by the proprietor, Bertrand J. Langlet. Contrary to what they say about the French (hehe), there are no airs about this one. It is a typical French kiss-kiss/Malaysian welcome.

Cheese on bread

Secondly, the food is great! More on this one later.

Thirdly, one can get a set lunch, everyday except Tuesday (closed), for just RM28! This includes a free flow selection from the salad buffet counter and a main course.

Salad buffet at Ma Maison spinach and cheese on bread aubergine

cheese and tomato on bread pate on garlic bread Salad buffet at Ma MaisonTalking about the salad buffet, there is a fantastic array to choose from. Cheeses, olives, pate, pastas, salads, breads…….such a pleasing selection! And my favourite? Grilled aubergine….lightly grilled so that the outer skin is a slight crisp and the insides retain its mushiness with a sprinkle of salt to enhance its flavour. So wonderful! And even simple recipes like the potato and egg salads taste great due to the attention that goes into them. Today, I must have taken at least three helpings from the salad buffet as I couldn’t get enough of everything.

roasted chicken with tarragon

For the mains, Bald Eagle’s choice of roasted chicken with tarragon was exquisite, with the flesh cooked just right, staying firm to the touch and infused with the flavours of the herbs.

salmon au gratin

I loved the Salmon au Gratin. The cheesy sauce was mixed with chopped seafood – mussels and prawns – and drizzled over the salmon, moist and perfectly cooked. Both mains were served with a selection of blanched vegetables and baked sliced potatoes, arranged prettily around the floral plates.

If you’re visiting this restaurant, do note that they accept only cash.

Ma MaisonMa Maison French Restaurant
32, Persiaran Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-4256 5410

Closed Tuesdays.