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The buildup towards Merdeka Day has been amazing. Through publications and exhibitions, one can almost feel like one were there when Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaimed Independence to the nation, his fist raised and his voice filled with emotion.

Happy 50th Birthday, Malaysia!

lemon poppyseed cake
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The holidays are perfect for catching up with old friends. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the day than to spend it with two of my oldest (literally!) friends from school, Yvonne and Rachael. I can’t say that I’ve kept in touch with many friends from school, having left school half a lifetime ago, but those who are still in my life are dear to me. I remember, in the days before email, Yvonne and I used to write to each other during the school holidays, and we’d create little booklets out of our letters and illustrate the pages, sometimes creating secret pages to hide clues and presents for each other. Perhaps that is how creativity is born and moulded; imagination is a wonderful tool in the days before home computers and electronic gadgets. Lest I sound like Fatboybakes and his favourite “Young people nowadays..” lament (hehe!), I should state here that I welcome technology, but children should really be exposed to more educational activities. Hmmm. Maybe I am beginning to sound like FBB after all. *gulp*

Bijou is great for an intimate get-together like ours. The term child-friendly absolutely applies to this place as there is a little playground for the kids, while the restrooms have diaper changing facilities and diapers to boot. To keep the children busy while mummies and daddies get a chance to catch up with each other, there are papers and colouring pencils for the kids to doodle away. And what better way to keep a child busy than to give her balloons!

almond brownie
bijou bijou

The decor is clean and breezy. The predominant colours of pink and orange prevailed in the colours of the cushions, balloons, pictures and even the flowers on the table.

We caught up with each other over tea and cakes. The cakes were, without a doubt, marvelous. The almond brownie (RM8) was chocolatey and dense, while the lemon poppyseed cake (RM10) with the cream cheese frosting was very moist and tasty. Both cakes were not overly sweet either. Little Amanda had the coffee cupcake (RM5).

Bald Eagle and Amanda Bijou
Ground Floor, Damai Sari,
Mont Kiara Damai,
3 Jalan Kiara 2, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-6201 2131

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