6oz Imperial Wagyu strip loin with braised oxtail in roasted tomato ragout and slow-poached Idaho potato ragout

I like reading about our neighbours down south, and last week, it was about a bear hoax.  (Slow week for you guys, eh?)  It was an amazing example of viral marketing gone wrong and an apt reminder that not everything you read (or view) on the web is gospel truth.  Social media has progressed by leaps and bounds but there is always the pervasive question of how much is too much.  Don’t people consider the consequences of their actions on others any more?


Freshly baked bread served with three types of butter (made from Echire butter)

Foie gras experience – charcoal grilled, crème brûlée and terrine

Today’s post is about honest-to-goodness steak, grilled with just salt and pepper, naked and glorious.  If there is an equivalent of shouting on the internet, let me do it now by proclaiming that Prime is my favourite restaurant for good steak.  I go there once in a couple of months when I’m feeling indulgent because I’ve come to realise that there is a linear relationship between good steak and its price, and the enhancement in value is more than just marginal.

Wagyu prime rib – 1 kilogram

Seared sea scallops, parmesan potato, poached egg, fresh herbs dressing

Prime has a good selection of steaks to choose from.   My favourite order of all time (when there is company and a hearty appetite) is the Wagyu Prime Rib, a robust 1 kilogram slab of meat with an unhealthy (but extremely satisfying) portion of intra-muscular fat cells that literally allow the meat to melt in the mouth with every bite.   The meat is succulent and sweet, but I’m still fighting a losing battle when it comes to finishing a 500-gram portion.  I admit, I’m a wimp.

Slices of Blackmore Wagyu beef oyster blade served with beef consomme, Asian spices, noodles (see below) and sesame sauce (not available on the menu now)


140 grams braised Blackmore Wagyu beef with homemade BBQ sauce

Bald Eagle and I were at Prime a couple of months back to celebrate my birthday, and coincidentally, it was during the Blackmore Wagyu Beef promotion (which ended in August).   The Blackmore Wagyu beef is apparently known for its high marbling (score of 9+) which results in a smooth, buttery taste.   The feed is free from genetically modified foods (a secret ration developed over the past ten years) and the calves are fed this special ration for between 500 and 600 days.  Even though the Blackmore Wagyu promotion has ended, Prime has included it in its ala carte menu where a 220g striploin goes for RM388.

Imperial Wagyu cube roll (220 grams) served with bone marrow creme brulee

Imperial Wagyu tenderloin (220 grams)

Prime’s current promotion is the Imperial Wagyu beef.   Like the Blackmore wagyu, the calves are fed on an antiobiotic-free, hormone-free diet and the meat purportedly contains 30% more Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. (Contrary to what you may think, there is no fishy smell hehe!)  This food-tasting session was courtesy of Ms Cheryl Lum of Le Meridien KL, and thanks to our numbers (all of three!) we got to try the tenderloin, striploin and cube roll (ribeye).   I liked the cube roll thanks to its lovely marbling and robust flavour; the tenderloin was a lot more subtle in flavour and a bit of a letdown when compared to the other cuts.   The charcoal grilling lent the meats a beautiful aroma and none of the meats were adulterated with sauces or other obtrusive flavours.

Chilled mango cheesecake, crackers crumble, coconut cream jelly and chocolate

Crêpe Suzette, preserved orange zest, rich vanilla ice cream (Cointreau liquor upon request only)

Rich hot chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, stracciatella ice cream (my birthday treat)

Rich hot chocolate cake, chocolate sauce

Other types of steaks are available at Prime too – Australian Black Angus (200 days grain fed, 120 days grain fed, gourmet pasture-fed), Organic Australian beef, USDA choice grade beef and Australian Master Kobe.  Different cuts are available, and done to your preference.   A whole array of sauces are available as well.  For those who do not eat beef, Prime also serves seafood, lamb and chicken.  I loved one of our starters, a pan seared scallop dish with poached egg that was done perfectly, both warm and wobbly.

Jago’s Vanilla Vodka Cream Liquor


Bald Eagle and I indulged in a bottle of Moet et Chandon for my birthday…if only everyday could be my birthday…..

Note: The above post is from a combination of two visits, the first was my birthday celebration in August while the second, an invited review from Le Meridien two weeks ago.

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