“What’s your favourite restaurant?”

I get asked this question a lot, only because I blog about food and people assume that I am an authority in this area.  Taste is subjective.  There are so many external influences that differ from person to person that it is impossible to say that one restaurant deserves to be applauded as the best restaurant in the country.  Ask me to name ten favourites, and I’d still struggle.  It could be a hokkien mee stall today and a burger joint tomorrow; next week, it could be banana leaf rice, and next month, who knows what might tickle my fancy?  I don’t apologize for this fickle-mindedness; in fact, it is a compliment to the fantastic array of choices that are laid before us.  Having travelled quite extensively and tried some of the best foods in the world, I will unequivocally state that Malaysia ought to rank up there with the best because we have some of the tastiest offerings.  My constant lament is that roti canai isn’t sufficiently marketed abroad (along with the roti canai man).  Roti canai stalls should sprout in every country on as many road shoulders as possible because this delicious flatbread can be easily received and adapted by anyone.  In our country, roti canai has evolved with an unbelievable number of fillings and sauces.  “You want it, we got it!” is probably their silent motto, and honestly, I see no issue in serving it with haggis or smoked salmon or blue cheese.  Probably even hákarl, which Anthony Bourdain has described as “”the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing” he has ever eaten.  The world’s our oyster!


Time Out KL asked me to nominate my favourite restaurant for the Bloggers Choice category in the Time Out KL Food Awards 2011.  I put on my thinking cap.  Which restaurant had I visited more than 5 times where the food had been consistently prepared and executed?  Would I stake my reputation on it?  Has service been up to par?  What about parking facilities?  Cleanliness?  Aesthetic appeal?  Choices of wine/alcoholic beverages?  Have my reservations been handled properly?

After much pondering and subsequent elimination of some of my most frequently visited restaurants based on the points above, I arrived at one.  Prime.


I have blogged about Prime a couple of times before HERE and HERE, and I feel that these blog posts are comprehensive enough to support my choice for the Time Out KL Food Awards 2011.  Some excerpts from my posts are as follows:-

“My favourite order of all time (when there is company and a hearty appetite) is the Wagyu Prime Rib, a robust 1 kilogram slab of meat with an unhealthy (but extremely satisfying) portion of intra-muscular fat cells that literally allow the meat to melt in the mouth with every bite.   The meat is succulent and sweet, but I’m still fighting a losing battle when it comes to finishing a 500-gram portion.”

“The master kobe chuck flap tail tataki with cannellini beans stewed with smoked beef bacon, rocket leaves and a winter truffle sauce was lightly seared on the outside, thus retaining the juiciness inside. And the flesh? It was pink and tender and yielded easily as I sliced it with my knife.”

“If there is an equivalent of shouting on the internet, let me do it now by proclaiming that Prime is my favourite restaurant for good steak.  I go there once in a couple of months when I’m feeling indulgent because I’ve come to realise that there is a linear relationship between good steak and its price, and the enhancement in value is more than just marginal.”

The prime rib still makes me go weak in the knees!  If you agree with me, do vote for Prime on Blogger’s Choice on the Time Out KL website.  You can also check out what other bloggers are recommending, and I must say, they are all mouthwatering choices.  While you’re at it, do check out the other categories and vote for your favourite makan places!

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