durian puff

If I turned off the lights and looked away, would you suddenly light up and come alive?

Would the delicious, creamy durian filling in your little bellies fuel you as you dance in the moonlight for the remainder of the night?

durian tart

Sweet perfection.  My durian tart.  Wearing a light crumble, a delicate hat, providing a shroud for the irresistible pleasures within.

durian tart

If I behaved and said pretty please, would you let me nibble on you?

durian swiss roll

Your alluring curves captivate me.  Your scent holds me spellbound.  My soft durian swiss roll, I shall dream of you tonight. 


A special thanks to dear dear Boolicious who, upon hearing of my failed attempts at purchasing the pastries, brought me these beauties during her lunch break yesterday.    Durian puffs are RM2.40 for 4 pieces.  I’m afraid I don’t have the prices for the durian tart and the durian swiss roll.


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