Tofu Margarita

I love mid-week holidays!  It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to wake up late, watch a couple of movies on TV, have a late brunch and enjoy an afternoon siesta.

Boo, Pea and I took the opportunity to meet up this evening for dinner, and despite eating crabs, we were still feeling a little peckish. Of course, our diligent reading of other food blogs paid off, and we recalled SC’s post on a desserts place in the vicinity.  Everyone piled into the 4-wheel drive (which was an excellent idea as some stretches were flooded and resembled the muddy murky waters of the Klang river) and made our way to Dessert’s Bar at Casa Tropicana.

Now, I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s called Dessert’s Bar and not Desserts Bar.  It’s been gnawing away at me and I just can’t let it go.  (A legacy from my Form 2 English teacher, God bless her soul.)  Putting that aside (very reluctantly, of course), I like their tagline:  Happiness. Naturally.  Aah.  A desserts bar after my own heart and a tagline so apt for my theme for the week:  Happiness.  Wheee (that’s me doing a bunny leap).

So what’s their forte, you ask?  Healthy desserts, and they don’t use commercially made ice cream.  Everything’s their own.  I wouldn’t quite call it home made, having found out that there are three outlets altogether, but it’s certainly theirs.  There’s a bit of east meets west in their concoctions.  The first picture you see up there is a Tofu Margarita (RM10).  Yes, I know some of you are going ewwww….tofu!  But seriously, tofu’s good for your health.  Trying to keep a straight face.  Bah.  Can’t do it.  Whatever happened to sinful desserts?  Healthy desserts is like eating lalang and going Mmmmmm….this tastes just like Mint!  Only goats and aliens do that.  Now where was I?  The tofu Margarita is bloody gorgeous.  It’s made of tofu, with a healthy dose of fresh fruits, azuki beans and black sesame ice cream.  The tofu was pretty much tasteless, which defeated the idea of eating it, but I did think the black sesame ice cream was quite nice.


The Pannatini (RM15) was a whole lot better.  A soy pannacota covered with strawberries and strawberry compote.  I didn’t quite taste the soy in this dessert, though.  I had my spoon in this most of the time. Absolutely delicious!

rum raisin banana crepe

There is also a selection of crepes to choose from.  We chose the Rum & Raisin Banana Crepe (RM8) which came with a healthy serving of caramelized bananas and raisins in a lovely sweet syrup.

chocolate raspberry and pistachio ice cream

A single scoop of ice cream costs RM6, but a double scoop costs RM8.  Great marketing gimmick.  Looking at the picture, it shows how kiasu we are.  Aah.  All in the name of food blogging, my dear.  Greedy?  Not us.  The chocolate raspberry ice cream was delightful; the pistachio ice cream was an acquired taste.  The texture of the ice cream was nice and creamy and the ice cream wasn’t too sweet.

If you’re in the mood for some happiness in the middle of the night, fret not.  Dessert’s Bar stays open till 11.00pm.

Damn.  I’m going to be haunted by the nightmare of the apostrophes tonight.

Dessert’s Bar
B-0-12, Block B, Casa Tropicana
No. 5, Jalan Persiaran Tropicana
47410 PJ

Tel: 03-78850227

Other outlets are at Subang Parade and Mont Kiara.  Soon to open in SohoKL, Plaza Damas and Menara Hap Seng.

Website HERE.

I’ve been neglecting the good people of Abu Dhabi who are unable to view my photos on Flickr.  My apologies, and do click HERE to view them.  Love you guys.  All ONE of you. 😛 If there are more, do make yourselves known. 🙂