Sup kambing

He lifted the cover of the huge metal pot to scoop up the soup with a wooden spoon that had seen better times.  His appearance matched his possessions.  His hands were gnarled, veins apparent, and a huge silver ring enveloped his ring finger.  The chopping board was a thick slab of serrated wood, the centre indented from the massive amount of destruction caused by the chopping knife.   But for the moment, nothing mattered except for the aroma of spices and bones emanating from the pot.  Mohd Jhabar’s sup kambing is a hearty broth that is enough to revive the engine, and the aroma is enough to revive the spirits.  The mutton pieces, five in each bowl, are tender enough to tear off from the bones without much effort.  Open daily except Mondays, his stall stays open from 3.30 in the afternoon until everything’s finished.

Queen’s Hotel, located at the corner of Jalan Peel and Jalan Shelly, houses several stalls with a variety of food.  From delicious chicken wings to curry noodles, this place is extremely popular, and getting an empty table can be a challenge.  Satay is another favourite, and it’s easy to see why.  I love the slightly charred pieces of skewered meat.  Only 50 sen per stick.    




sup kambing

Sup kambing.

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