FBB's dinner party

If at the end of this year you asked me to list out my most memorable events in 2008, this dinner party would definitely make the Top 10 list.  After having suffered through FBB’s numerous accounts of dinner parties he had hosted, I thought my time would never come.  But it did, thanks to my multiracial background.  For some *skewed BN inspired reason, he needed someone of Indian heritage, and I dug deep into the bottomest layer of my fatty epidermis to pull out the Indian card, and thus kindly fulfilled his masyarakat majmuk quota.  So if you haven’t been invited to one of FBB’s legendary dinner parties, take a good look at yourself and ask if you’re too pale.  Cackle.

(* no relation to the topic at hand, but I felt a strong urge to include it anyway)


His dinner menu included Paprika’s Lasagne Al Forno Con Melanzane, an adaptation of Delia Smith’s recipe with an almost genius inclusion of a layer of fried aubergine (and the exclusion of lasagne sheets, which doesn’t make it a lasagne, does it??) which got this dish crowned a winner with the guests.  I would try this recipe at home, but my dear Bald Eagle screams like a banshee when he sees anything resembling, tasting or smelling like an aubergine on his plate.  I really should have included a condition on aubergine when I agreed to marry him.  It’s too late now.  Sigh.

shrimp bisque

The shrimp bisque prepared by FBB’s wife was exquisite. If it were any thicker, the little bits of shrimp would reassemble themselves and start mating with each other.

scallops salad

Pan Seared Scallops on a bed of Aragula and Frisee, With Balsamic Honey Mustard Dressing, accompanied by Quails eggs.

The scallops were mating too.

I know you’re drooling.

briyani rice

This lovely sunshiny briyani rice with wasabi cashews and raisins were a perfect accompaniment for….

chicken muglai

…..Nigella Lawson’s Chicken Mughlai.  I found out later that it was his virginal effort (I’m quite sure he enjoyed the experience, together with the picture of Nigella’s ample bosom openly displayed on his kitchen counter), and I was suitably impressed (not by the bosom).

I loved the Zuchinni and Mushroom Pie, but I didn’t capture a good enough photo worthy of the wonderful sensations I felt while eating it. The delicious mint chocolate cake which FBB served also failed the photo test. But I can tell you that it was akin to brushing my teeth after consuming a wonderful homecooked meal fit for the best muhibbah (not necessarily BN) crowd.

The dinner party was thrown in honour of The Woman FBB Is Scared Of.  Now if that’s what it takes to get a dinner such as this, look out coz I ain’t gonna wait till Halloween to grab that title.

The sweet folk residing in Abu Dhabi may view the pictures HERE.