The George and Dragon

The dashing hero
(Coz heros are usually
blithe and dashing)
Heard the princess shapely
(Coz princesses are normally
shapely and blushing)
Her screams were piercing
(And how can they not
be piercing and shrill?)
The dragon looked menacing
(Far from the dragon
in Shrek if you will)
St George our mighty hero
Saves the lady, his princess
And pubs the world over
Cheer the hero’s boldness
And that’s how The George
And Dragon appeared
To celebrate drunkenness
Inebriation revered.

And what of our hero and his princess you ask?

big breakfast

A man’s appetite is wanton
So she hummed and she hawed
How could she reward his bravery
Akin to an applaud?

Could she heave her taut breasts
And make him delirious?
Or whisper sweet nothings
And render him breathless?


A big breakfast’s the answer
With sausages galore
Pork bacon to tempt him
And mushrooms, signor?

toad in the hole

He was pleased with her offer
And reciprocated her efforts
“Do you like my hard muscles
Shall I take you?” he flirts

“Kind sir, if you please
That is just so complex
A toad-in-the-hole‘ll make me happy
I’m British, no sex.”

Coz the British, you see
Are a strange lot by far
With nonsensical names
For food half bizzare

By now you’re prob’ly curious
Did the fare make them happy?
Were they satisfied at all?
Did it make them all smoochy?

“The breakfast was tasty
But the toad was too plain
The sausages were scant
But I shall not complain.”

Forย The George and Dragon
Is a quintessential pub
With great beers and ales
And typical Brit grub!


The George and Dragon
Lot G130, Ground Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
285, Jalan Maarof, KL

Tel: 03-2287 9316

My friends from Abu Dhabi may view the pics HERE.