“Are you the type who likes surprises”, he asked on Facebook.


Book of Sins by Bernice Chauly

The best type of surprise.  When someone pays attention to what you said in an earlier conversation on Tagore and Murakami and the silken liquid voice of Bernice Chauly.

And he even got it autographed for me.  I can’t contain my pleasure.

It’s not always about food.



We are lunchtime alcoholics.


palate palette

We share delectable gossip at a table converted from an old sewing machine.  It is almost like it was meant to be.  Except that in the old days, little old ladies at sewing machines told each other stories of the fishmonger who slept with the goreng pisang seller’s daughter.  That dirty old man.


palate palette

Is this a reflection of our minds? A cornucopia of colours, twisted metal and wires? Beneath it all, we are so alike.



My shrimp and avocado salad. A splendid combination of ingredients, but in this case, the finely chopped avocado was rather hard and lacked the creamy, buttery taste of ripe avocados.



His oxtail shepherd’s pie. Braised, hearty, chunky oxtail in a pie with mushroom sauce to pour over it. The surface is a garlic potato combo.


palate palette Lamb & onions potato wedges Ginger Creme Brulee Toasted carrot cake palate palette 
Fish & chips

No ordinary fish and chips here. Tempura fried dory with a combination of potato and yam chips, an appealing vertical presentation.


Petit Green Tea Mille Feuille

The pastry has a brittle, biscuit-like texture with the aroma of sesame. The custard, sandwiched between the biscuit layers, is creamy and has a faint green tea flavour.  This is my favourite.



My weekend sojourn.



With my Weekend B^*ch ©.


“The world is full of metaphors
  and I am one of them.”

                                     -Bernice Chauly-


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Perhaps it is necessary to include the following notes:

1.  No bald eagles were harmed in the process.

2. The Weekend B^*ch © is a food blogger from the south who visits KL once a week….on weekends….hence the Nic(k).

3.  Consent was obtained before making the reference. 🙂