When the mind wanders to the gutter, there is no turning back.  That’s all I can say when I heard the name Oriental Spoon.

Oh, their tagline’s “Wholesomely Oriental”.  *big smile*


Fatboybakes decreed that I had a non-existent social life and took it upon himself to ensure that I was suitably entertained at night by issuing me an invitation to dine at Oriental Spoon (upon the request of his “Godma” who instructed him one morning over breakfast to “get your food blogger friends over to Sooka Sentral to try out Ming Lee’s new restaurant”).

IMG_9024 IMG_9010
IMG_8996 IMG_9012
Clockwise from top left: Steamed “Siu Mai” with fresh scallops – RM 12, steamed minced chicken buns (char siew pao) – RM 8.00,  steamed glutinous rice with chicken – RM 8, steamed prawn dumplings (Har Gau) – RM 10

Let me just put on record that I am ecstatic about the fact that there is now a decent restaurant in the KL Sentral area.  My office is located quite close to KL Sentral, a popular destination when it rains and I am looking for a quick bite at a covered location.  But as we all know, KL Sentral offers less than appealing fare, and thus Sooka Sentral has become a boon to me, ensuring that I shall never have to starve again.  There are ample carparks here and it is located a little away from the main transportation hub, which means that I can zoom in and out within an hour.

Wu kok – RM6

Oriental Spoon serves dim sum as well as items from the ala carte menu.  Do note that food served here is halal, so it is a great choice if you’re looking to spend some muhibah time together.  My favourite item of dim sum must surely be the yam dumplings (wu kok) which fulfilled my criteria of a very light and crumbly exterior with a delicious mince filling that didn’t make me notice the absence of that animal-that-should-not-be-named.

Lotus root pastry

Another dim sum item that I thought was absolutely delicious was the lotus root shaped pastry that screamed of butter in a flaky shell with a minced chicken/lotus filling.

Radish cake – RM6

For radish cake with a difference, I recommend the radish cake with bonito flakes.

IMG_8998 IMG_9016
IMG_9020 IMG_9019
Steamed spinach buns

Henry the Hedgehog* wasn’t spared.  The poor little critter, stuffed with a delicious black sesame filling, looked a sorry sight after the ordeal he had to endure.  Well, he didn’t last long.  His popularity was apparent, and his last sibling ended up in “Godma’s” handbag.

*name given by Fatboybakes
Steamed black pepper short ribs (Lamb) – RM 12

The lamb was very tender and despite a slight gaminess, it made for a good substitute for the animal-that-should-not-be-named.

Dim sum is served only until 5 pm.

IMG_9094 IMG_9083
IMG_9078 IMG_9062
Clockwise from top left: Stir fried lotus roots with celery and almond flakes – RM 15, salad prawns, lychee prawns (two combination prawns), stewed beef with white radish – RM 8, deep fried Garoupa fish with flavoured meat sauce (RM 8 per 100 g)

The ala carte menu carries a wide range of items and it is easy to be blown away by the presentation of the food.

Oriental three combination ( Bamboo fungus rolls, Black pepper sotong balls , Venison in birds nest)

The Oriental Three Combination dish deserves mention. The portions were served individually in a contemporary display; a chinese soup spoon held the bamboo fungus rolls while the delicious flaky birds nest housed the venison meat. This is a special order if you wish to try it.

Stir fried crab with salted egg yolk (RM 55 per kg)

Just like its sister restaurant (Bangsar Seafood at One Bangsar), Oriental Spoon also serves delicious crab dishes. The stir fried crabs came in a very thick salted egg yolk sauce that clung to the shells, just the way I like it.

Due to the lack of dinner traffic at Sooka Sentral, Oriental Spoon currently closes early (at about 8pm), but they’re apparently willing to stay open for you if you inform them earlier. They also do takeaways and deliveries (within the area – call to find out if you qualify) between 11.30am and 8.00pm.

Thank you, Ming Lee, for inviting us to sample the lovely food. And thanks, Jade, for organising this. Thanks also to Fatboybakes for ensuring that my social calendar isn’t so empty, but I’m sincerely and deeply grateful for the delicious pear upside down cake and wine which you so generously brought (this remark said with tears in eyes). 

IMG_9106 IMG_9115

Good night everyone.  I’m off for some Oriental Spooning with my hubby.

Oriental Spoon
1st floor, Sooka Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, 50470, KL
Tel: 03-2261 3222

Opening hours: (Mon – Sunday) 11.30 am – 8.00 pm
(Dim sum is served until 5 pm)