When my Makan Club members are hungry for non-halal nasi lemak, we normally visit the stall at San Peng (off Jalan Loke Yew). I’ve blogged about this nasi lemak before, where there is almost a ritual as people queue up for their fragrant nasi lemak and lup cheong/pork innards/luncheon meat fix.  What is undoubtedly the most popular item at the nasi lemak stall is the chicken curry, where huge pieces of chicken are ladled out onto steaming santan-y rice.

This same chicken curry, rich with santan but not very pedas, is the key ingredient for the neighbouring stall selling chee cheong fun (rice noodle rolls) and accompanying pieces of fried foo chuk, fish balls and other yong tau foo bits.  Whilst the CCF is just ordinary, the curry (which is thicker and richer than normal) pushes this dish a notch higher.  A really great supper option.

CCF stall
Opposite San Peng Flats
Jalan San Peng
Off Jalan Loke Yew, KL.

Open 9.30pm till late (about 2am)
Closed Sundays.



I discovered these tarts on one of my usual lunch forays in the Kampung Attap area. Located at a cul-de-sac (at a road parallel to the road where Lee’s Frozen Food is situated) Tong Wah Confectionery has traditionally been making mooncakes, but recently decided to embark on the egg tarts business. Currently selling out of their “factory” lot, a tiny makeshift stall has been set up in front of the shop to sell the egg tarts at lunchtime on weekdays. Four different flavours are currently available: plain, corn, almonds and pandan. The pandan looks like it has too much artificial colour while I’m not a big fan of nuts in my egg tarts so I’ve sort of written that off as well. I do like the egg tarts with corn in it, although it could do with more corn as the flavour is quite mild right now, and the plain egg tarts are lovely in a flaky crust. They’re just a little over a ringgit each, an affordable dessert after stuffing on awesomely delicious indian mixed rice (near the Chinese Assembly Hall) or the famous fish head curry just down the road.

Tong Wah Confectionery
92, Jalan Tuba,
Off Jalan Kg Attap, 50460 KL.
Tel: 03-2273 6278



When I first took a bite of this popular tea-time treat, I didn’t expect to have the out-of-body experience I encountered. Made with just chicken breast, the ratio of chicken to potatoes is 6:1 making this worth the RM3 pricetag. The recipe for this tasty treat comes from the owner’s family.  Obviously, when you use good ingredients, it shows. Just ask those tai-tais queuing up to buy the delicious curry puffs at the cafe at House+Co.

House+Co is temporarily located on the 3rd floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre (next to Actors Studio). They will move back to their original location on the 2nd floor once renovations are completed.

The curry puffs are available at tea-time daily. For other Malaysian treats at House+Co, check out my previous blog post.