Part 5 – Finale

6.00pm in Ipoh. We knew it was time to have dinner and go back to reality where loved ones were waiting patiently for goodies from Ipoh. We were in a dilemma; to continue eating in Ipoh or to start our journey back to Kuala Lumpur and eat along the way.

Someone mentioned Pun Chun in Bidor. The decision was a no-brainer.

It had already started to rain when we left Ipoh that Saturday evening. But we had faith that we would arrive in Bidor safe and dry.

Because of the rain, traffic on the highway was slow. A car had spun out of control near the toll booth, so traffic slowed down further. We made it to Bidor, and fortunately, it wasn’t raining there. It was quite easy to find the restaurant which is located along the main road of the tiny town, but traffic was surprisingly heavy along the single lane road.

Even from a distance, one can smell the aroma of duck soup. Because we were early, it was easy to get a table to ourselves, hence we didn’t need to employ our table booking strategy which we had quickly learnt in Ipoh. We all ordered the dry version of duck noodles with soup on the side. The duck is served in simmering herbal soup and its flesh is soft and tender. I did not only finish up my soup, but I helped myself to Pretty Pui’s leftovers too. Let’s just say that I LOVE soup, and this soup was great. The noodles were cooked al dente and it was nice and springy.

Looking around the shop, we felt like we were in titbits wonderland as we were surrounded by various traditional chinese snacks. Pun Chun is well-known for its chicken biscuits, shat kek ma and heong peng and we dutifully stocked up on the sweet and sinful goodies.

Outside, one can buy petai by the bunches.

It rained when we left Bidor.