Chinese Eagle


Beijing 2008.

We both decided to wear Chinese inspired outfits to the office.

Sadly, not everyone saw things the way we did. People wished us Gong Xi Fa Cai.  Sigh.  Everyone wants to be a comedian.



Our workload that day had dampened our spirits.  Practically everyone we knew had rushed off early to catch the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and soon, we found that we were alone and miserable in our respective offices.

“Can you tar pau some dinner back?” I called and asked him.  I wasn’t in the mood to cook that night.  I was tired and I was depressed knowing that I was going to miss him when he flew off to Manila the next day for a short trip.  He was suddenly interrupted by a phonecall and had to hang up.  I felt lonelier than ever in the quiet office, the sound of creaking furniture keeping me company as I worked furiously to complete the task at hand.  A few minutes later, my phone rang, and despite its melodious ringtone, the sound was jarring in the quiet of the night.  “Let’s go to Zipangu,” he said.

I could have kissed him then.  But of course, making kissing sounds into the phone was something we did in our courting days 15 years ago.  It can be quite unnerving for an innocent bystander to see a 30-something year old woman kissing her mobilephone (unless it’s an iPhone).

Zipangu used to be our restaurant of choice when we wanted to grab a nice meal.   He used to prod me and say “Let’s go to Zipangu” when I least expected it.  Memories are created from little moments, instances, snippets of conversation, thoughtful gestures, exchanged glances that only two people share even when surrounded by nameless faces, faceless names.  Not flowers, chocolates or expensive gifts.


kaki furai
Kaki furai(RM40)

“Honey, I’m home…” 

Deep fried oysters bursting with flavour in a thin coat of crumbs.  An apt beginning in regaining our happiness.  I lost count – there were probably 6 to 8 pieces, all large enough for two bites per piece.

teriyaki chicken in butter sauce
Teriyaki chicken in butter sauce (RM35)

Tender pieces of chicken (thigh, not breast) in a mild sauce that hinted of butter but didn’t overpower the flavour of the teriyaki chicken.  A lovely combination of flavours that extended to the vegetables, all lightly grilled and enveloped in the sweet buttery aroma.

foie gras maki
Foie gras maki (RM40)

The foie gras maki didn’t please as much, despite having such a pleasurable ingredient.  It reminded me of a fat man with a tiny peni….uhm…male reproductive organ.  I could barely taste any of the creamy fattiness of the foie gras.

Sashimi (RM90)

The sashimi was good. Thick slices and very fresh.

Going to Zipangu is like going home.

Total bill with 2 bowls of delicious garlic fried rice came up to RM233 (before tax), but with our Prestige Platinum card, we paid only RM134 (with tax).  And unlike other high-end establishments, green tea here is complimentary.

Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur
11, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Restaurant reservations: 1800 88 7881