Was it in 2006? Or 2007? I discovered you in a Japanese restaurant, and I glanced at you thinking that you weren’t very delectable and pushed you away for other meatier stuff. After all, you were just a bean.

You appeared before me, over and over again after that.  You didn’t give up.  Soon, it wasn’t just at Japanese restaurants.  It was also at friends’ parties and supermarkets.  I have to give it to you, you were persistent.

My first taste was with hesitation.  I licked you.  You were salty.  I bit into you.  You came into my mouth.  It was love at first bite. You are a little…nutty.

I like you, Edamame. You may be Japanese, but I am colour blind.

martini with edamame

Sensations spilling forth like
Beans into a filled glass.
I’m inebriated
By the combination of
Martini and soy.

martini with edamame

Who needs olives?
Variety bordering on risqué
Makes a better tale.

cupcakes with edamame

Is it about food
Or of the man who brings
Love in a cupcake?
You envelope me
In sunshiny coconut
And edamame

dancing with edamame

Visions of dancing
On grainy wooden floors seasoned
With life’s experience.

edamame necklace

Fill me with life
Like the soil of the earth
Not cold hard coloured stones.

my temple

This is my temple
I taste your saltiness
You energise me.

edamame necklace

Take me and my heart
Can you hear it thump thumping
My Edamame?
A badly written haiku by LL, dedicated to you, who left  10 years ago.  We were colour blind.