Topsy Curvy Brownie

In my household, Bald Eagle will attest to the fact that desserts aren’t really my thing. Given a choice, I’d always pick savoury over sweet. On the other hand, Bald Eagle isΒ Kelantanese and everyone knows how much the Kelantanese like their sugar. (Opposites attract?) But the interesting thing is, when two people have been together for so long, their traits start rubbing off on each other, especially their mannerisms and their tastes. Sometimes they even start looking like each other. Which would be tragic in my case. It does take a certain head shape to be able to carry off the bald look and hey, we all know I’m not it.

Nowadays, I hardly say no to a good dessert (especially pavlovas). But Ochacha doesn’t carry pavlovas. Not many places carry good pavlovas. Sometimes, one has to beg good baker friends to make pavlovas for them.Β  Sometimes, one resorts to dropping broad hints.

U Call This Tiramisu
U Call This Tiramisu (no seriously, that’s what it’s called)

Ochacha does carry a wide range of green tea desserts and beverages, though. The Ochacha Latte is a nice way to kick things off.Β  The brownie, I felt, despite having a strong chocolatey presence, had absolutely no matcha flavour despite the thick green cream. I had a lower expectation of the tiramisu as I was warned by a more seasoned patron of Ochacha that the green tea flavour was mild, but even he agreed that the tiramisu was good that day, with a good matcha flavour and a lovely creamy texture (despite the lack of alcohol). The moral of the story is that it is always good to approach a subject with an open mind instead of having preconceived expectations.

And sometimes, even chefs have bad hair days.

Ochacha Latte
Ochacha Latte