I am blessed.


From Gard in Norway

My friend of 10 years, he never fails to send me a postcard from every country he visits.


flower basket
From Jo in China

I was moved to tears when I received these flowers. She knows exactly what I like.  And I miss her.


sushi cake
Sushi Cakes from Kat in Abu Dhabi

We met through our blogs and became fast friends. She now lives in Abu Dhabi and is the only reason why I upload pictures on Photobucket (for the glorious “people” of Abu Dhabi).


Lyrical Lemongasp
A Just Heavenly cake named after me which will be sold in the shops soon (Look out for Lyrical Lemongasp!)

I introduced myself to Nigel at a wedding fair last year. Some people hit it off immediately. We were two of a kind. When I expressed awe at the number of people who remembered my birthday, he said, “It’s because you are loved.”


Good friends

A surprise phonecall from England from a blogger who is like a sister to me.


Palette Palate
Life for Beginners – lunch at Palette Palate

He wrote me a collection of stories last year, and a poem this year.


nic's cake
Lemon yoghurt pistachio cake

Not too shabby for a beautiful day.


Pavlova made with lemongrass and love

Two pavlovas, and three birthday posts from the man who knew exactly what to bake for me…my friend of the year.


And my wonderful husband who threw me a surprise birthday party at Max! Kitchen & Wines. I was overwhelmed.  A six-course degustation menu enjoyed together with 18 friends.

Smoked Salmon, Artichokes and Sun-dried Capsicum

Sea Scallops marinated in Champagne Vinaigrette and Lobster Oil, charred Tuna Loin with King Crab Meat – White Anchovies Salsa

Warm Eel Fillet on Truffle Cremed Cuttlefish Ragout with a Melange of fresh Highland Herbs and Sea Trout Roe

River Water Farmed Yabbies, chargrilled in a Pernod laced Fennel Bulb – Tomato Broth

Parrot Fish Fillet on Parsley – Garlic Poached Clams served with Borlotti Beans and wilted English Spinach Leaves

Chicken Breast Roulade with Pumpkin Cannelloni, sauteed Sweet Peas and Shimeji Mushroom


Most of all, I am thankful for the friendships that have been forged over the years.

I am blessed.

Credits: Photos 3 and 7 are by Fatboybakes. Photo 6 is taken by Nic (KHKL).