He works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
He works hard for the money
So you better treat him right!

Times are bad.  Bald Eagle now has to resort to armwrestling to earn us a free meal. (Which he successfuly did! Woohoooo! He da man!)

Okay.  The truth is, it was an Oktoberfest weekend at Euro Deli Grill, the Swiss-German restaurant where we celebrated Father-in-Law’s birthday, and instead of the normally quiet and slightly more dignified atmosphere, the place had come alive with loud music and games.  They had armwrestling for women too.  MIL and I took part, but I was whipped in the first round by a european lady who definitely ate more red meat than me.  *grunt*  Oh MIL did better.  All that exercise from housework showed as she breezed into the semis only to be knocked out by…yeah…another european lady who definitely ate more red meat than both of us put together.  Bald Eagle avenged our loss by thrashing a Norwegian twice his size.  Then again, Norwegians eat fish, don’t they?  (I take liberties in saying this ‘coz I LOVE Norwegians (yes you, Gard, and you, Olav) and I know that they know that I’m just joking…don’t hit me with that sardine can!!)

It’s interesting, though, that Bald Eagle chose this restaurant to celebrate his father’s birthday knowing full well that his mother is averse to pork.  Then again, blood is thicker than water, I say, so stay clear of the action and party on.



The food at Euro Deli is far from pretentious.  Not much goes into the presentation, but hey, in a place like this, I’d choose hearty, wholesome and satisfying over presentation anytime.  Throw in a Paulaner, please, while you’re at it.  With a menu that consists predominantly of pork dishes, there is an amazing selection of sausages (farmers, nuernberger, emmenthaler (swiss cheese?), etc), pastas and grills.  And German beers, of course.  My Butcher Plate came with a thick slice of Kassler ham (a type of smoked ham), sausage and knuckle served on a bed of delicious sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.  The pork knuckle was very crispy and crunchy, and the meat tender.  Like all german style pork knuckles, it was rather salty, but paired with the sauerkraut, it was just nice.  The salmon steak, served with a lemon butter sauce, was simple and hardly exciting, but MIL gave it her vote of approval, so I guess it’s worth a try if you’re not into pork.  Prices are in the twenties and thirties generally.  Very reasonable.

Service was good and personable.  A nice place to dine at if you’re in the mood to be loud.  Beer does that to you anyway. There’s also a great view of the Twin Towers if you’re into that sort of thing. Ample parking is available.

Euro Deli Grill
No. 29, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2162 6991
Fax: (603) 2166 5232


1.  This is not a new restaurant, so there are LOADS of other blog posts on this place. Google it please for other reviews. Cheers.

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