If it weren’t for Fatboybakes (FBB), I’d probably have no stories to tell you.  But we’re all fortunate to have our muses, although I’d gladly sell mine.  This limerick is my birthday gift to FBB!

There was a bakerman in Bangsar
Who professed to love eggs, toast and butter
But try as he might
He couldn’t fight
An urge to eat strangled goose liver.

“Macallan’s my spirit of choice!
And occasionally a double malt bliss
But feed me a Tiger
And you’ll definitely hear
My tuneless rendition of Les Mis!”

He parties all day and night
Surrounded by fans aplenty
But one stands out
His hairy chin stout
And winks to FBB, “Who’s your daddy?”

He’s a simple man, this baker from Bangsar
Who eats foie gras with his kopi
Tuna sashimi, yes please
Lobsters? With cheese!
And truffles and cakes with lotsa brandy!

“Yes, I’m a simple man, trust me, I am
My properties are just four and counting
I crave not a fortune
I’m almost a mormon
But touch my Blue Label and you’ll face a lynching” 

So happy birthday, we bid thee, FBB
You’re a lucky one, we insist, FBB
Expensive presents abound
But how many will sound
As precious as this limerick, O FBB?



A couple of weeks ago, Bald Eagle and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary, and while to many of the young ones out there, we appear ancient, it’s amazing what a RM700 monthly visit to the hair salon can do for the greys.

He made reservations at Chinoz on the Park at KLCC, refurbished, shiny and new with an eye-candy of a chef with credentials to match.  I like the fact that Chef Haffizul Hashim came out often to speak with us.  Perhaps it was the benefit of having ordered a degustation menu?  I prefer to think it was my captivating smile or bald eagle’s shiny head, but I doubt if either made an impact on him.

The degustation menu consisted of 6 items (including dessert) which gave a good idea of what the restaurant served.  Our first course was such a delight to eat – a Cauliflower Veloute with Hokkaido Scallop and Truffles.  The veloute came in the form of a foam pumped out directly on our plates.  What I liked about the degustation menu was the way the chef had paired all the different ingredients to create a synergistic explosion of flavours.  It was not just the taste but the textures as well; the firmness of the scallop to the fizziness of the foam to the bits of crunch from the grainy sea salt…it was an appropriate opening allegro to this symphony.

As a symphony continues seamlessly, so did our subsequent dishes.  The Parsley Risotto, tinged in brilliant green, was served with sauteed escargots.  The risotto was creamy but hinted very little of parsley.  We marvelled at the next dish, the Grilled Brittany Turbot with Citrus Fruits and Etuve of Asparagus.  It was an explosion of colours, cheery and bright – food should be like this, a treat to all the senses.  Prized for its firm, white flesh, the turbot was complemented with a tangy sweet sauce made from blood oranges and other citrusy fruits.  We loved this dish, but at RM128 for 180g on the ala carte menu, we shall probably reserve this order for special occasions.

The Roasted Duck Breast and Pan Fried Foie Gras, Glazed Figs & Beetroot Puree was a more subdued visual affair, but didn’t lack in the taste department.  The duck breast, still pink and firm, was a good match with the melt-in-your-mouth foie gras.  The last time I had fresh figs was in the UK where I holidayed last year, and so eating this brought me back to that evening in Bath where I laughed over scones and fresh fruit with my dear friend, Msiagirl.  Like all the other dishes, this one didn’t disappoint due to the excellent matching of flavours by the chef.

Desserts were in two parts – a Mango Ravioli with Lime Sorbet, light, citrusy and sweet – very refreshing, while the finale was a Chocolate Parfait with Tuile and Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

My experience was only marred by the restaurant settings, where we were led to a beautifully arranged table with the right forks and knives and wine glasses, but lacked the formal atmosphere one would expect when one pays RM180++ per person for a meal.  Beside us, a family was dining (complete with pram and baby), and although I have no objections under normal circumstances, the view didn’t do much for romance!  Perhaps the restaurant was attempting to achieve too much in wanting to have its cake and eat it too.  It’s hard to have both a cafe and a fine dining restaurant under the same roof without having a clear demarcation of space (and that includes soundproofing as well!).

It’s funny how after being together for so long, I thought I’d figured Bald Eagle out and that I knew him well, but well, I didn’t.  But that makes it more fun, doesn’t it?  “We are going to KLCC,” he had said.  What??  Our 8th anniversary and he’s bringing me to a place I see everyday?  For a brief second (and it was a tiny micro-bit of a second), I wished I had joined FBB’s soiree at Nikko Hotel instead.  At least I could get all dolled up (with my most excellent Shu Uemura fake eyelashes) for the event there.
But I was wrong.
Because the food was amazing that night…. 

Chinoz on the Park
G47, Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, KL.

Tel: 03-2166 8277

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