glazed ham

Roast turkey and stuffing, glazed ham, apricot chutney, several different types of salads, baked potatoes……


Festive decorations in red and green…..


Appetisers before the main course…..

glazed ham

The most delicious glazed ham in the entire country…..




Yummy cookies and pies…..


And presents! (I LOVE this one….a great cookbook called Maggie’s Harvest written by Maggie Beer…thanks, BE!)


Merry Christmas!

We’re spending Christmas in Australia this year.  (I’ll probably give you more updates when I get back.)  Our Christmas meal was entirely homecooked, and the organising involved in getting food ready for 25 people was amazing.  No short fuses.  No flustered looks.  Responsibilities were delegated, and when all the guests arrived, even the chefs (Bald Eagle’s uncle, aunt and family members) were able to partake in the celebrations.  For Christmas gifts, save for the exceptional item, we all agreed to donate to a worthy cause instead, because the fact is, we’re all blessed with so many wonderful things that we really don’t need another box of chocolates or that extra iPod.  Thanks to this gift initiative, so many more people are going to be touched and helped by the donations made.

And my Christmas….my Christmas is all of that and more.  It is a reminder of that birth that happened 2,000 years ago that changed the world forever.  Heaven’s gift.  And I am constantly thankful.

A blessed Christmas, everyone!