I once met a man who could write.  He sprinkled ideas of love and magic in cyberspace for anyone who would be touched by them.  They were touched in many places….their eyes (for his pictures were dazzling), their minds (for his words were bewitching), and their souls (for his thoughts were inspiring).  Not everything was wholesome and clean, for he was a man like any other man with wants and needs and desires.

I once met a man who could write.   He wrote me stories about autumn and winter and summer and spring, seasons of love and life, bursting with happy stories, sad stories, sunshine and hail. 

I once met a man who could write.   He fretted about things that grownups worried about.  But he grew up, and concluded that he was able to overcome his fears, not because they were simple things that one could easily overcome, but because experience had shaped him to become the man he now is.

To my friend who writes, Kenny Mah, I wish you a happy 30th!

Pavlova birthday cake, baked by Fatboybakes  (FBB also baked a Four Seasons Spencer cake for the lucky birthday boy.)


Pan seared cod, served with sauteed prawns on ratatouille and fried potatoes

Thai beef salad – medium rare pan seared steak with mango

Smoked salmon angelhair pasta, tossed in cream, served with caviar and parsley

Nasi kerabu with ayam percik, served with raw ulam, salted egg and keropok

16 friends gathered at Delicious, Dua Annexe, to celebrate Kenny’s 30th.  I like Delicious for its ambience which is warm and welcoming with furnishings drenched in turquoise and white.  Delicious at Dua Annexe is particularly nice as the huge glass windows allow a lot of sunlight in.  The feeling of bathing in sunlight is refreshing and rejuvenating, and I presume Delicious recognised precisely that fact when deciding on the appearance of this outlet.

Many are familiar with the food at Delicious.  My default order is usually a salad;  Delicious’ salads are really good!  The Thai Beef Salad with Mango in a tangy dressing comes with an abundance of meat, seared medium rare.  I also like the Roasted Duck and Pomelo salad and the Crab and Mango salad.  Incidentally, I am always inspired by their salads and try to replicate them at home.  The portions are substantial and are complete meals as they come in main course sizes.  Fatboybakesnasi kerabu with ayam percik was nice (his opinion, not that he offered to share any with me), although white rice is used here instead of the trademark blue rice usually associated with this dish.  (I did have a bad experience in another outlet, though, where the chicken was a little raw, almost like it had been thawed too quickly from the fridge.)   HairyBerry‘s angelhair pasta with smoked salmon wasn’t very exciting; the sauce was too thin, almost milky, and lacked much flavour.  I’d stick to the salad.  I’ve featured a picture of the cod, and judging from A Lil’ Fat Monkey‘s expression, I’m assuming it was good.

There is also a shop downstairs which sells ingredients.  You can read about it in Masak-Masak

Thanks, Kenny….I had a great time.  Here’s to many more happy celebrations!

Dua Annexe
Jalan Tun Razak, KL

Tel: 03-2166 2066