Every Saturday morning, for as long as I can remember, breakfast has always been curry chee cheong fun. Now, for those who have gone out with me, you will know that when it comes to chee cheong fun and yong tau foo, I always go for the sweet black sauce and never for the curry. I am usually not very fond of the curry version in most places as I dislike the watered down, barely-there curry.

We came across this place by chance. As most of you may know, Bukit Jelutong is rather secluded and good chinese food is hard to come by. So when we discovered the shops in Glenmarie which were a stone’s throw away from home (relatively speaking, of course…one man’s rock is another man’s pebble 🙂 ), we were excited about the fact that we could stop eating nasi lemak and roti canai for breakfast and have something different, for a change. Variety, after all, is the spice of life.

Chicken cuisine has grown. From it’s humble beginnings of a very ordinary looking kopitiam, it has now undergone extensive renovation with a cafe-like ambience but still retaining the chinese kopitiam-quality food and prices. You can get mixed rice, a variety of noodles, nasi lemak and kuih here (all non-halal). The place packs up pretty fast on a Saturday morning; there are a lot of early birds in Shah Alam and Glenmarie.

I love the chee cheong fun (flat white noodles) here, not so much for the yong tau foo bits that go with it (although those are really tasty too), but the wonderfully rich and thick, spicy chicken curry that they add to the chee cheong fun. So what you get is a really dry version that gives enough flavour to the entire dish without overpowering it.

The stall also serves very good curry noodles, again with the same curry base as the above. This dish is as popular as the yong tau foo, and is served with lots of cockles (my favourite!), taufu pok (fried beancurd), long beans and a very good sambal (chilli paste).

Chicken Cuisine

6, Jalan UI/Seksyen UI Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park,

40150 Shah Alam