Random Thought #1


I tasted an awesome macaron two days ago.   Yes, “an”, as in One.   Why not more?  Remember your first kiss in the rain?  Nothing after that is ever as amazing.

Random Thought #2

Paco Roncero

I’m in love with Paco Roncero.   I used to be a molecular gastronomy virgin, but a couple of days ago, I had a small sample of his mastery.  All my senses were ignited by this man who used to train under Ferran Adria.  For a limited time only (until 4 April 2009), you will be able to sample his creations at Senses, KL Hilton.  The price?  How can anyone place a price tag on brilliance such as this?  Fine, it’s RM450++, and I’m still working on Bald Eagle.   An early anniversary present, perhaps, darling?  We have to top LifeforBeginners‘ wonderful week of wooing (www), if that’s even possible.


Random Thought #3

Paco Roncero 1

Is that smoke coming out of her nostrils?

You’re beautiful….you’re beautiful….you’re beautiful, it’s true…..



Focaccia, risotto and fagottini

When I first heard that Al Nafourah at Le Meridien was going to be replaced by an Italian restaurant, the first thought that crossed my mind was, “Do we need another Italian restaurant?” Then when Bald Eagle mentioned to me that an Italian restaurant had replaced Kafe Ceylon Hill at Jalan Damai (a place where we used to organise quite a bit of our social functions), again, the same thought ran through my head like a Bloomberg stock feed.

“What’s it called?”, I asked.
“You mean, Tattoo,” I offered kindly.
“No, I mean, Tatto.” Firm and resolute.
“The O fell off, didn’t it?”
“My nostrils are laughing.”

(Oooh, 2 nostril jokes in a day.)

Tatto interior
Tatto interior

Tatto means sense of touch.  It somehow sounds lovelier in English.  Then again, I only know 1 1/2 languages and thus hardly qualify as a linguist.  The decor is understated, simple and elegant.  Lots of black and red.  Fits perfectly with that little cocktail dress.

Portobello mushrooms
Portobello mushrooms

I was hooked from the moment the focaccia was placed before us.  The balsamic vinegar and olive oil combo did nothing much for me, but the bread was saturated in oil and butter making it a delicious way to start our meal.  From the antipasti menu, we ordered the ovenbaked portobello mushroom with tomato and mozarella, which was presented like a croquet and fried in breadcrumbs.   Quite a change from the usual preparation, but still pleasing enough, especially with all that cheese oozing out with every bite.  The herby tomato sauce provided a nice tangy flavour to the overall experience.  He had the bresaola (air dried meat), sliced paper thin, with grapefruit and cherry tomatoes with a lemon dressing.

Clockwise, from top left: fagottini, bresaola, the bar at Tatto, risotto

A special menu is prepared weekly highlighting the chef’s specials, and it is worthwhile ordering something from this menu as opposed to the regular ala carte.   My homemade fagottini (basically, little dough parcels encasing veal and ricotta, and suspiciously resembling wantans) with an asparagus brown butter sauce was just wonderful.  My only complaint would be that I could barely taste (or see) the veal, but everything else was good.  Because of the cheesy buttery taste, the quantity presented was just perfect.  Anything more, and the theory of diminishing returns applies.  His crab risotto with sauteed tiger prawns and asparagus was bursting with flavour, with visible bits of seafood in generous portions.  Not as creamy and smooth as I’d expect it to be, but still very tasty.  The pasta won hands down, of course.

chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse

The world’s pretty small, and chances are, you’ll find out that there are only two degrees of separation between yourself and the stranger next to you.  So as it turned out, and to cut a long story short, Bald Eagle had once communicated with one of the owners of the restaurant over a piece of bad meat in another restaurant where the owner used to work.

“You got her into trouble?” I asked Bald Eagle.

“No, they were actually very apologetic about it,” he replied.

“You reckon she’s gonna spit in your risotto?” I teased him. “You won’t be able to tell spit from cream, you know.”

No, she didn’t spit in his risotto.  Hehe.  In fact, dear Tabitha went one step further by offering us desserts on the house.  A sampler, if you like.  Two pieces of chocolate which she called chocolate mousse.  And true enough, upon biting into the thin surface, the centre was a mousse-like texture.  Absolutely lovely.

Prices are comparable with other Italian restaurants like Nero Vivo and Chiaroscuro.  For food alone (and after tax), we paid almost RM180 for two, for starters and mains only.  The main edge Tatto has over many other restaurants is the personable service they provide to the customers, mostly because the owners are also on the floor giving knowledgeable advice on menu selection.  After all, nothing irks one more than receiving glazed looks from untrained waitstaff when asked for recommendations, eh?  And the  food’s great too.

Also check out Eat Drink KL‘s thoughts on Tatto.

No. 19, Jalan Damai
Off Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2166 5212

Open daily (except Mondays) for lunch and dinner. Closed Mondays.