The origins of yakitori, embellished slightly.  Thanks, FBB, for your cameo appearance.


My companion for the night, Boolicious, is pretty quick at posting, so for the full monty, go check out her blog on Ri- Yakitori.  I’m just here to tell you the stuff that she didn’t tell you.  Yes, Yang Ariff, that night, we were talking about….men.  If you think that food bloggers get together to talk about food, then what do accountants do when they get together?  Oh.  Okay, sometimes, there’s an exception to the rule. (Have you attended an accountants conference in PWTC?  I have, and it’s a bloodbath with calculators.)


The above receptacle kept our sake cold. It can probably keep any type of liquid cold since the inner jar holds icecubes, but at a pricetag of over RM1,000 for one device, I’d keep the iced sirap bandung away and bring this thing out only for special occasions.

Ri Yakitori 1

I think we shocked the waitstaff with the amount of food we ordered.  12 skewers (chef’s selection) which worked out to be less than RM5 per stick, and that included various parts of chicken yakitori (upper thigh, lower thigh, wings, butt, skin), prawns, wagyu beef, shitake mushrooms and eggplant.  It’s a good deal, especially when the cheapest kushiyaki on the menu is RM5.   The kampung chicken egg with leek and chilli oil was good, and the taste of the leek adhered well to the creamy, sweet flavour of the egg.  I liked the mizuna salad with japanese white radish, flavoured intensely with bonito flakes and shredded nori.  We ended our main meal with a bowl of chicken porridge with tororo kelp that melted into the porridge to create a smooth and slightly slimy consistency, and agreed wholeheartedly that it was the best way to end the night.  Desserts were limited, and we almost skipped it, but I’m glad we didn’t.  The homemade ice cream (green tea and white sesame) with mochi (made a la minute) was delicious.


Yes, I was going to tell you about the men we talked about.   Unfortunately, I think the sake’s wiped out my memory. Perhaps that’s the way things are supposed to be when girlfriends get together.  Secrets remain secrets.  And Bald Eagle, you’d better not tickle me tonight coz I’m not spilling out everything.

7th Floor, The Gardens Hotel (Robinson’s side: take hotel lifts)
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, KL.

Tel: 03-22681188

Open: 5pm to 1am (last order at 11.30pm). Closed Sundays.

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Acknowledgement: Thanks to my BFF, QwazyMonkey, for teaching me his trade.