“Have you been to The Pink Sage?” asks Randall, my hair colourist.

“Ummm…no,” I reply while spitting out mouthfuls of hair.

I stick a finger into my mouth to pull out a few obstinate strays that have found their way in.

“The breakfast there is amazing,” he says, looking away considerately as I hawk out a few more bits of hair.  “Their pancakes are the best in town.”

Unlike the clichéd bartender/cocktail therapy, I am more drawn to hair salon therapy where I get my four hours of uninterrupted peace (“What? Sorry, I can’t hear you. I’ll call you later!”), food tips from a rather adventurous and well-travelled owner, and good conversation (at The Met KL, they speak good conversational English – at least I know that they’re not talking behind my back).   A couple of years ago, I had the misfortune of tangling my hairsprayed long tresses around my hairbrush, and in a moment of desperation, I was forced to snip off a section.   When I went to one of the numerous hair salons in KL to have my hair fixed after the catastrophe, there was hushed silence, then a cacophony of unintelligible speech, which I figured translated to “that stupid girl, she cut off her own hair ar? *&^%$ $%#^*”.  I’d much rather they tell me I’m stupid in my face, in English please.


The Pink Sage is a pretty little place. White booths line the inside, and on a nice day, sunlight streams in through the glass walls.  Definitely has lots of happy vibes here.  The clever use of mirrors makes the place appear larger than it is.  There is a decidedly casual atmosphere at The Pink Sage, and on a lazy Sunday morning, one would feel compelled to sit in just a little while longer. 10 more minutes, dear?


A greasy breakfast for a man who can handle a few more calories effortlessly. He has great metabolism, I try to convince myself.  Corned beef, cooked to a light crisp, forms the backbone of this dish and is complemented by hash browns, greasy beef bacon, greasy eggs and greasy tomatoes.  How can one be repulsed by so much grease?  We certainly can’t.  The Greasy Breakfast is priced at a very affordable RM14.50.


A less greasy, but substantially larger alternative, is the Brunch Plate (RM32) consisting of an omelette filled with cheese and mushrooms, smoked salmon bruschetta, sausages and pancakes.  She asks me what kind of sausage I want – chicken, beef or lamb.  I choose lamb, and it is delicious.   The main star is undoubtedly the stack of three pancakes.  Thick and extremely fluffy, they soak in and absorb the corn and boysenberry syrup.   Interestingly, the corn syrup is packaged in disposable, single-serve tubs (a commercial decision?), unlike the boysenberry syrup which is served in a jug.  The freshly made pancakes ooze sweet nectar on every bite.  This is ecstasy.


He had a hot chocolate while I had a chai latte.  My chai latte was very good and I think it will be my staple at The Pink Sage from now on.

The Pink Sage
Wisma RA, 12 Jalan Dang Wangi
50100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-26936000

Open: 8.30am to 10.00pm. Closed Mondays.

And now, the results of the competition:

LL competition
(Left to right: Nigel from Just Heavenly, Fatboybakes, Lyrical Lemongrass)

Those buggers were actually trying to impersonate me lah, as I tend to have my fringe flop over my right eye (why me, God, why me??).  The tissue was meant to represent their fringe.  Oh yeah, I like taking my glasses off when I have my photograph taken too, which explains Nigel’s coy looks sans glasses.


….I did ask for the most creative response, not the most accurate response.  The winner has been decided.


CONGRATULATIONS, Lavender Blue who submitted this entry:

You are Hongkong chee cheong fun – – I am Kampar chee Cheong Fun.

It was a tough fight.  Thank you everyone for participating.   Lavender Blue will win:

A box of cupcakes (by Fatboybakes) which will be masterfully decorated by ME. (Ta-da!) Ahem.

Thank you!